Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The new Area

Dear Family,
    This new area is so great. This week has been crazy, but I love this area, and I love my companion. This week we have see so many miracles. I know that the Lord loves each one of his children. In Argentina and in Arizona, in Chile and in China, Well he loves us all so much. 
   The zone is so great. In the Zone is a sister named Sister Downs, who went to Highland, and also in the mission is Elder Erickson. He is the next door neighbor of Michael Peterson. I love this mission! 
    We also had the first zone meeting this week that I have ever had. I was super nervous... haha But Elder Molina helped me out a bunch. During the meeting all I had to say was what I already knew. Our Zone is really so great. and we have seen so many miracles this week! 
     Also this week I have tried to get to know as many members that I can. I have learned that it is absolutly impossible to get to know everyone in one sacrement meeting. Luckily, it was a ward conference, The Number of people there were 214! Usually in argentina the attendance would be around 100 or 110. This ward is amazing. 
     This week we are going to see how we can baptize and we are going to do even more. 
     I know the Lord guides each one of us. And every thing is in his time, This week we have seen so many miracles, we are taking advantage of each moment to be able to teach, at the beginning of the week we did not have anyone set to come to church and yesterday with the help of the lord we were able to help 5 people to come to church. It seemed like we were in a movie or something. Each day somebody else told us they wanted to come to church. We are in the promised land here in Lopez Camelo, I hope you have looked it up on the Map. Our neighborhood is called Ricardo rojas! It is so amazing.
    Their is one convert here who just got baptized and he is trying so hard to be obedient, His wife told us that this week he stopped listening to music becuase he heard in gospel Principles that we should not listen to bad music. so he went right home and took out all the music and now he thinks they can´t listen to any type of music even to ringtones... haha don´t worry we are going to help him out!
    Hopefully this week we are going to be able to baptize! Please pray for Camila, Cecilia, Alex, Daniela, and Murella!!
I love you all so much.

Elder Hicks!) keep smiling!!

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  1. Mitchell loved this letter so much he sent it to me. It'll be so great to see these boys as men back together again!