Monday, November 24, 2014

My great Family!

Dear Family,
  Dad, I just wanted to say I am sorry if I have not answered all your questions in your e mails! But I was thinking a lot about you this week, I read a talk that  I really liked called: Father and sons A remarkable reltionship from elder Ballard, After reading this I wnted to ask you  question. I wanted to know if their is something that I can do to be a better as a son,  man, or to be a better misisonary from what you can see? thanks Dad I love you a lot I am so greatful to have you as my father. 

I am lso hoping that you all have a great thanksgiving! In Argentina their is not a thnksgiving... but on thursday I will be thinking much about all of my family and thanking all of you and Thnking the Lord for the many blessings that we have!! Also wht is the name of the kid that makenna is going to go to winter formal  with? ha (older brother problems) !)

This last week has been so great and I feel like we are working so hard. 
I am so thankful for all of you and I love you so much as my family!! 
MOm, You might be able to find it close to a place called tigre, technically i am in a place called Ricardo Rojas... you might be able to find RIcardo Rojas faster. I sure love you and thanks for the story you sent me about the sheep!

Dear Family and Friends,
   I wanted to wish you all  happy thanksgiving! I sure do you love oyu so much; I hope each one of you know that I love you and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! 
Elder Hicks

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

El final se acerca, Vamos Más Rapido

Dear Family and Friends,
I LOVE THE MISSION! This time is so great. 
Like I showed in the picture one of the 12 apostles came to our mission. I learned so much from him. But before i tell you what I learned something the blew my mind, I wanted to tell you how my week went.
     WE had transfers today and I am going to stay with ELder Bobadilla, poor guy has to put up with me for 6 more weeks... ha   Also this week, well yesterday we found someone named Osmar... My companion being from mexico started talking to him about the best food in the world... which aparently is the mexican food... jaja and the guy started talking to us and was super excited about the topic of mexican food! hha after for sure we started talking bout hte gospel and he got even more excited! hah but I tell you this because Osmar after we taugh him everyhting we asked him to pray with us. In his pray he said ¨lord if i have to be baptized please make it know unto me... He hd so much faith in what his heavenly father wanted for him. How cn we be more like this? how can I follow Christ even when I don´t know what I should do... I just feel it... 
SO this man was really great and relly excitable( i´m not sure if that is a word) ja 
So I really wanted to tell you what I learned from ELder CHristofferson, He shared with us a scripture in Alma 7:7- 
For behold, I say unto you there be many things to come; and behold, there is one thing which is of more importance than them all for behold, the time is not far distant that the Redeemer liveth and cometh among his people.  then he said ¨again...¨ this really surprised me.
 He said the only thing that stops Christ from coming again is a righteous people to be able to recieve him. I know we are preparing for the second coming of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and I know that he guides his church with so much Love and care... HIs invitation is always ¨Arise and come forth unto me¨  
I want this to me my invitation tht we can really know that CHrist will come again and ask ourselves... AM I WHERE I SHOULD BE?
I know that Christ is our savious and that he loves us so much, and he wants all to come to him. I know he cares for me and carries me in the diffucult times. I know the Book of Mormon is true, My loving Hevenly Father really told me it was true. I also know that families can be together forever aand i can not wait for the day when I am with my family and loved ones( all of you) part of his kingdom.. I promise that as we prepare for this day that God will help us arrive there. I also promise that Christ brings peace... and that as we all come unto him we will feel this peace. 
I love you all SO MUCH I am going to keep preaching this great message to everyone!! 
Elder Troy Hicks

  Elder Christofferson!

 La familia Angel

Elder Damitz, before leaving the zone.

 Litoral Zone!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Semana de FE!!!

Der Mom, 
     This week has been absolutly great! I don´t think I have ever worked so hard in my mission. My Compnion is such a stud and I am learning so much from him. Just so you know when you come down Elder Erickson´s prents want to send him a package in the mail! 

 I know I have not written many things in a couple of letters it is that we have been so focused on doing things as a zone. right now I only have about 15 minutes!
   This week we worked so hard we had interviews with president, and I sure love President Ayre he really is an example to me on a consecrated life to God. Also I went on  division with the assistants. One of the assistants is from Saint George Utah his name is Elder Wade and He knows John Nelson! The mormon world is so small! 
    I just would like to know how we can keep preaching and inviting others to come unto Christ all my life. I have seen so much Joy in this work and I know every blesssing that we recieve comes from our heavenly Father and for only being obedient we can receive these such treasured blessing that we desire so much to have...
    So Mom, I wanted to tell you something that I learned this week, that I really loved. Our president was teaching us about the sprit and how we can discern the difference from our thoughts and those of god. He said... ¨Sometimes Elders I have thoughts to do something and I don´t know if its from the spirit or not, and I don´t think I should do that, maybe if I am living worthy and I am doing what God expects of me I don´t need to ask if it comes from him but be sure that I should act and if it is not from him he will stop me before I can do what I am thinking.¨

I don´t know but this really helped me to understand the meaning of Act! Also Moroni 7:16-17 explains things from the spirit and in PMG it talks about feeling of the spirit and President Hinckly talks about how we can tell the difference. Mom, I am so glad for your obedience to the laws of God. 
    This week we are going to keep trying to look for more people, and I hope we can get someone to church this week no one came... I'm sure God is going to help us and it now only depends on the agency of the people that we meet!
Please share this message of the gospel with everone I know and God will give you the sprit as you do so. 
   Love you all so much,
Elder Troy Hicks

Monday, November 3, 2014

It`s Raining, it`s Pouring, the Old Man is Snoring!!

Dear Family and friends,
This week has been great. Seriously I have seen many miracles. Karla came to church. Throughout the whole week we could not talk to her because her phone was blocked... I hope she wasn`t lying. But on sunday she decided to come to church! And she really liked it. But she is saying she doesn`t want to be baptized because after the baptism she doesn`t want to let God down or other people down for messing up! we are praying and thinking a lot about how we can help her.
    This week it was also rainging a bunch i was literally soaked from head to toe... what was weird is that we were happy. I literally felt the protection of God as we went from house to house. 
I hope you know that I love you all and I am going that the mission is so great. And I feel like it has just begun!
This week we are going even stronger! 
Love you all,
Elder Hicks


I dressed up as Elder Jensen For Halloween!

It`s the Dolphins!! I think you would like this Dad!

 Me and My great Companion!

Dear Family,
Also so you know, we found a family who is really great named the Perez family. We are trying to help them be baptized! We will see what happens...
Also Mom,
I love that you are going to put a goal to go on a mission. I can`t believe that you are talking about it either! You are so great!!
I loved your letter that you sent me... I am so glad you are hanging out with good friends. they will really change your entire life. The friends that you have will help you become who you want to be. They will raise you up. If you want advice here it comes: 
    So I was thinking and i think you should just do what the Lord wants. When somebody is attracted to them for one thing and that is the influence of good in them. For being like Christ. For having more light. This might sound weird but think about it... Every time you have wanted to be like someone or actually been attracted to them it is for somehting good they have done, rIght? And in your mind you think: Wow he is such a good guy. 
I think that is the Key to be able to be someone attractive. Here is a link to what the true popularity is? It is kind of a funny title but the principles ar every good. I hope you can read it. But every time I have been attracted to a girl it is becasue she truly wants to follow Jesus Christ and his commandments. Makenna I love you and I hope you know that I want what is best for you.
   Also, Keep smiling my little sister!!! I loved the picture that I saw of you at the temple, you really are such a beautiful young lady.<332.gif>
Elder Hicks