Monday, September 8, 2014

Love this week!

Dear Family and friends,
This week has been so great!! Camila, was baptized. And Mom, you are going to have to forgive me... because I can´t send photos right now. And the reason  why I always spell so wrong is because the spell check is always in SPanish. I am going to see right now if I can change it... I can't find it... hah But i still love you just so you know!
     This week we have seen so many miracles, My companion is such a great missionary, and I am learning so much from him. 
As A Zone Leader we talk with the zone each night and we try to help them work in a wore effective way. So they can realize more baptisms and Member present lessons. I literally love it. I love all teh missonaries in our zone. I have pictures of them but i can't send them. It does not work with the memory card that I have. The missionaries that we have right now are amazing!!
    Just so you know I love being a missionary so much. This week we had a baptism and Her name was Camila, Her Dad Baptized her. She had problems with her boyfriend but she made the decesion the night before her baptism to fight with him on purpose so she could be baptized on sunday. It was so great to see her faith. Next sunday she is going to recieve the Holy Ghost!! 
    This week as a missionary I have learned so many things, epecially the Love of our heavenly Father, In every aspect of Life he shows so much love. As people and as his sons and daughters, he always wants what is best for us.. It is only sometimes hard to live ALL his commandments. And to be bold enough to let others know they can have and even bettter life. Luckily we have the Help of the Holy Ghost when we testify. I love my Heavenly Father. I know he is always concerned and worried about our wellbeing. I love you all also. thank you for supporting in my mission and in this great time of life. God is always concerned for each one of you and for your desires and for your concerns. Trust in him. He will guide. 
    Love you all so much and I certainly hope the weather over therre or wherever you are in the world is as great as it is here in The grand Argentina!! 
Elder Troy Hicks 

Dear Family,
I hope you know that i miss you all so much. And that there is not even one day when I don't think about each one of you. I love the teachings that I have learned from my parents. I don't know why I have been so blessed to have such a great family as ours. I love this time in my life. Even though i am far away I feel closer to each one of you as I serve this mission.  
   Please keep me informed in how each one of you  are doing..
   I am so sorry for not providing pictures... People tell me I look skinnier!) ha I love you all and I know their are angels that protect each one of you. You are so important to your Heavenly Father! 
Elder Hicks

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