Monday, September 22, 2014

LA Grano Misiòn

Dear Family and friends,
    Well, THis week has been great. I`m not really sure what to say but it is so crazy and I am so thankful for my father in heaven hwo heres my prayers.  Recently i HAve seen a trailer for a movie about the Momons that is going ot come out. I had no idea that this was even in production. It makes me think ¨wow, HOw crazy it is to be part of the gospel. ANd to be able to share it in all times and in all moments. Akways it is so great to see the Hand of God in this work and also in my  Home and in hoems around the World. I truly love recieving the emails of all the elders i know. Knowing that also in Japan People are acepting the Gospel. In mexico, In Aregentina, In CHile. In all the world. ANd now GOd wants people all over the World to know about his gospel and that through his son everyone can be part of his restored Gospel. I preach day in and day out... Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Recieving the gift of the HOly Ghost, And Enduring to the ENd. Eery day it is my goal to have someone CHANGE, and I see it everyday!
      I want everyone to know that God exists and that His son is our saviour. And that thorugh him we can feel... CAlm, Peace... Even though we don´t live in a place of peace this spirit that we recieve after baptism will gice us this peace. I know it, I have felt it, ANd I have seen other people feel it too. 
     This week i have seen changes in Uriel, BEfore he told us he didn´t want to change,,, THen when we told him we weren`t going ot pass by more he ASked if we could come back. and we set the baptismal date and now he is a baptized member of the church. HE is such a great kid. He is 15 years old and he is a boyfriend of one o the members of the CHurch.
     Well, this week has been super great,  ANd I want everyone to know that God exists and that he loves us. If we TRY or if we change a little bit I know he will help us. Even in hard situations. BUt we must do it in christ way he is the pathway and the only way we can have eternal life. I know it and i love my Saviour for that. 
BE happy!! and keep smiling God is there to support you!
I love the mission and I love this time to tell everyone that Their is a better life!
Love, Elder Hicks

This week we have gone to the Gym every day. I am running on the treadmil. also on saturday i ran with one of the elders from Chile... I almost died after 20 minutes... ja Also it would be great for you to come down dad. are mom and makenna going oto come?? and Whatever you think is best i am fine with.
Ps.  I want to see pictures of your hunt dad! 
Love you,
Elder Hicks

Only one foto... B day of angeles, A member who loves to share the gospel. Hree in aregentina when it is a b day that means everyone has the right to throw Eggs and Flour and I guess old dirt all over your head!!

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