Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Love the mission

I received this message from our bishop today. I just left Belgrano and now I am in a place called Lopez Carmelo!! Also I recieved a message from Elder Steve Dyson. an Elder that taught Dad! Thanks for tracking him down Mom!

Gracias por servir en Belgrano

Obispo Ferreyra


"Thank you for your service in Belgrano
Bishop Ferreyra"

Dear Family,
This week has been super great, I am not sure if you received the photos from our bishop but I am so glad to be on the mission. Also Mom thank you so much for sending me the information of the Elders that baptized Dad. I never understood how much they really did for Dad... Until Now... Wow, They really did a lot and were great missionaries!!
      This week for me I have now left my beloved Belgrano. I felt like in part I was leaving my home, saying goodbye to everyone... I can't believe I was there for so long and that I had the opportunity ot make life long friendships while I was there. Everday is worth the while.
Right now I am in a place called Lopez Camelo and I am with my new companion named Elder Molina!! He is from Chile but HE totally acts like a chill guy form California! hah I am not sure how to explain. He also says a joke to me where he flexes his muscles and Says "Hi I'm Troy Hicks" and then gives me this ladies man smile. jaja ..But now that I have left Capital No one Speaks english and We are back to walking in the dirt everyday!! yaya!!! jaj As long as we are able to talk to the people and we are able to help them It's okay with me. 
    Elder Molina and I are Zone leaders of the Litoral Zone. I really hope that the Lord can help us to grow this Zone. We are going to see. I certainly Love the mission.

    Also I am going to write Steve Dyson. I can't belive that He wrote me. It is so great to be able talk with a missionary that helped Dad. I was thinking about it the other day.. Wow wouldn't it be cool to know how the kids of my converts are doing!! 
     We had 4 people come to the church in Belgrano and Elder Jewett is going to take over, I am going to miss that place so much.

Dad, President told me about your letter. He says their are some rules about Dads being companions and he is going to try to see what he can do. But it is pretty strict the rule. But it still will be fun when you come down. He says he is going to respond to you when he can. 

I love my Savior and I know he carries us and that He helps us everyday in each moment. I know it without a doubt and that also are Father in Heaven is also looking of ways to help us grow. If I trust in him he will raise me up. If you trust in him he will also take us to places that we never knew we could go to!! I know we are going to be an eternal family, without a doubt...  I still feel we will be an eternal family and I know it won't be easy for you, but He is raising us up together as a family. I love all the quotes you send me Mom. Thank you for your support each week I look forward to your letter.!)
Makenna, I look forward to seeing your letter. Please keep telling me how your life is going I hope you know how inportant you are to me. You are SO Important to me and to our Heavenly Father also. Please remember if we are obedient in our youth all of the life is easier. Makenna can you read Alma 36 and 37. Alma is talking to one of his sons. I love oyu so much. I want to hear how it goes, And what you learned from what you read!! please tell me what you think!

I love you all so much,
Elder Hicks!

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