Monday, September 15, 2014

A week of Miracles

First of all I wanted to thank all of you for your responses to my email. I sure love recieveing emails from all of you. And I love you all so much. 
   This week we had  baptisms in our zone and I have np idea but the lord is blessing this mission so much. ANd is blessing all the missionaries that our in the world. Every week I get to see letters from ELder Mclaws and Elder Sellers, AND ELder Overson, Elder Erickson, Sister Riggs, And I can not believe the growth that they are having. It is so great to be a servant of teh Lord. I am so greatful for his love and for his help for us. Our mission Presidnet has been talking about the Alma 6 when Ammon thanks the Lord for everything that he has done for the great change in the Lamanites.  I love the mission and everything about it. Even though each day is another chance that the lord puts me in situations that usually would be hard for me. And every day is a callenge, I love it. I am so thankful for our lord and Saviour. 
    This week as a zone we are doing so great. 
A story I wanted to share with you, This week our baptsim od Cecilia, Alex, And Daniela, almost fell through. HEr ex/ husband came to her house on friday and tried to covince her to not be baptized... SO she left her house, and went to her mom[s house. WE called her with a prayer in our hearts and it turns out that the MOM IS SUPER REALOUGOUS... and she was super chill. She was a very calm lady but was not a member, but she basically persuaded her daughter to return to ricardo rojas to be baptized... I don[t why the but the LOrd always sets things up perfectly. Well... I guess I do know why but it always surorises me jaj.
This week was amazing and this next week is going to be just as great. 
I love you so much

I do know Elder Tambo, He is such a great missionary. Tell his brother That he is doing so great and that I will give him a shoutout. Are you and the family doing visits with the elders??
Tell makenna that she needs to do it, It is such a fun experience and that she will make a lot of eternal friends. Thanks for your prayers. I am also DOing dreat, I am tired in the mornings and about all the time... BUt i am also happy about all the time and also in the mornings... hah
 Mom, THAnk you for your spiritual email I really loved it.
Thank you for your email alsò,  I never have really noticed or payed attention to the ¨willing¨ word. This week i listened to a talk by Brother Skouson about the meaning of the Atonment. Just like CHrist could do mirables to change the physical state of things. Remember how he could cure the blind or make the lame walk. WEll when he does that he literally has control over the element inside of us. And he changes how are elements are set up to be able to change us. And it is the same with the Atonement as we go to him for help he literally changes us. I am so glad that we can take part of this atonement. It has changed me and it has changed are whole family. And as long as we are willing to take part of his atonemnent then he will change us. Thank you dad for your email. love you.

I also love you. And I loved seeing the picture of you and Mom with my Christmas card... Wow, It sure took a long time to arrive... maybe i might of sent it late... we will never know.. hjaha I love you so much. hey i wanted to invite you to go on a visit with the missionaries one time in our ward, if it is okay please will you ask them if you can help them wiht their missionary labors? i love you.

Before I go, i only wanted to say if you are reading this right now I love you all so much and I am going ot send photos from the baptism right now. after i write.

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