Monday, August 18, 2014

Wow, Did that just really happen?

This week is probably my last week in my beloved Belgrano... I am not sure how i want to react, thinking about it this area has been my favorite area, this last transfer with Elder jewett we ahve so much more success. I really can not believe the miracles that are happening and the poeple that are changing.
       Yesterday at church we had 4 investigators there, Diana showed up, also Susana showed up, and another guy named Juan that we invited ot the church during the week. Last of all, a part member family came to church and the ward is working with them! This week has been super great.
     Also during chuirch after gospel principles class another family came to church who came to the by being invited by a family member from Las Vegas. One of her first questions for us was: Umm... WHere do we pay Tithing???  After we got that question we did not really know what to say!! well... umm.... we sais ¨we never have gotten that as a question before its something people usually do after baptism... then the mom siad well, how long does it take to be baptized... haha me and my companion were so surprised. we invited to come to the church next week and we have an appointment with the on thrusday to be able to explain the things in a better way. We told her she could pay tithing right now, but i wasn´t really sure i wanted her to pay it without understanding why??? 
        Also, last week we had the ward activity!! We played a game where the members and the investigators put oroes on there forheads and had to eat it without using their hands ( i know you are all familiar with this game) and the first ones to do it were a bunch of little kids! While they were trying the parents got so excited and it seemed like the little kids did not know how to do it. some of them just stick their tongue out waiting for it to get into their mouths and others tried ot throw it off their heads into the mouth but their were some who really tried by being patient and by trying surely but slowly to put it into their mouth, they were the only ones to actually be able to do it with success.  This ativity really made me think about how I ac tin the missionary work. Some times i just wanted investigators and people to teach now! like 3 months ago... we did not have many. But now after much patience and a lot of work and diligence we are recieving many fruits. This ward is exploding! we are having success like never before. and even the sister missionaries that are in the ward are having so much success. I am going to miss it a lot after transfers. 
I know this spirit that we feel each day as people and even as missionaries does not come from one thing but i believe it comes from a daily effort to be obedient and to change little by little. 
I can never thank the Lod enough for these little things he as given me! He is always giving me more! I don{t understand why?? haha I love you all so much and I love the missionary work. Please pray for Diana, Juan, Jorge, Guadalupe, Susana, Liliana, and The Romero Family, They are all posibilities to be baptized within 3 weeks!! This week we are focusing on Diana and Susana. I love these people so much. Also I love this mission!! 

Dad, Mom and Makenna thank you for writing me.  I can also see a lot better, I got new glasses that I am going to take a lot better of them. Also I hope you know how much I love you.
One last thing Mom, I am going to take out some money to be able to keep eating until the end of the month, also to buy a matero, its what they use for the Mate here. At the begininng of the month i used the money to buy some diaries for notes and a bag for the mission. I hope you don{t think they were bad buys. I know I need to learn how to take better care of my mission money. towards the end of the mission it gets a little harder. 
I want you to know that I love everyday here in Belgrano, and I loe very moment that we have as missionaries. Elder Jewett is such a great missionary, also this ward is the bomb. 

One more thing, Dad, About your letter , I would love to go to China to work after the mission in a couple summers. I have really been thinking about what i want to do after my mission, I know the Lord wants me to have a plan but I am not sure what he wants yet... But i know after the mission I want to keep busy. Thanks Dad Love you so much. HAve ypou been talking with the offices about coming down after the mission? thanks!)

I want you to know that I am so gald that we are going to live together as a family. I would like to write the missionaries that helped dad get baptized. Mom and Dad I don´t know if you would have that information hidden somewhere. Or even the bishop that helped get Dad bapitized.. I want to be able to write them. 
What a blessing it is to be able to live as a family forever and have so many treasures already stored in heaven.

Love you,

Elder Hicks

 A beatuful church named ¨La Redonda¨

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