Monday, August 11, 2014

Aug 11-Keep the Grandma's coming

Dear Family,
        Well now after the Baptsims of Liliana and Suana We have been on the lookout for more investigators. We have Diana, and we also found more people this week. I am not really sure how but we found another older woman who wants to listen to us. She lives in the same building where Susana lives and her name is Susana also. I don´t understnad but we have always been teaching older woman, I think they are slightly attracted to my companion Elder Jewett. But I am not really sure. Well... We started talking to her while we were visiting Susana the other day and she passed by outside the building and then she turned around and said... ¨where are you boys from?¨so we told her we were from the United States and we started talking to her about the Gospel. (This was on Saturday) then on Sunday she came to the church with us. SHe really loved the churhc and tongith we are going to teach her in a family home evening with a family from utah. After We set up the family home evening last night, we called her and she told us something qutie special. SHe said ¨i have seen you boys talking wiht Susana and I have never thought anyhting weird of it. But yesterday while you were talking i felt something to tell me to go and talk to you... so I went and i talked to you. I am not really sure what it was.¨ I am constetly reminded as a missionary that this is not my work but it is truly of the saviour and that he is on are right hand and on our left and he always goes in front of us and behind us. He prepares the hearts here of the people that we teach. Also I ahve learned something from the scripture in Moroni 7: 33-34 it says And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me. ¨And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.¨ The word espedient has really called my attention this week, in spanish it says convinent... and as a missionary i thinking I have been trying to force options to share the gospel, but really when it is are desire to share the gospel the Lord will put in our path convenient ways to share the Gospel. It is not like i planned ot talk to Susana that way... no, but the Lord did!  and it seemed convinent or expedient to him. I think as people we can apply this to many aspects in our life. In our family we desire happiness. SO we set up or plan to set up happiness, for being obedient or for planning activities or eating together. And then the Lord will put waya, without forcing it, to be able to experience this happiness we are looking for. Also It goes as member after the mission by sharing the gospel we will find ways each day to be able to share the gospel if we DESIRE to de it. And we are not alone because the Lord is always there, he made the commision and the invitation for us to share the Gospel as members. and I know we can do it. In a short time I won´t be this missionary anymore but i will be a member and i pray A lot that i will still be able to share the Gospel. 
         Liliana is doing great, Yesterday we talked with her and SHE WAS CONFIRMED a member of the church,. her smile was so big. 
         i LOVE THE MISSION!!!!!!! And even iuf we are teaching a bunch of old woman I wouldn´t want to be in any other place because i LOVE those old woman and I so glad to be a servant of the Lord.
Elder Hicks

P.S. Mom thank you so much for the game ideas! Seeing the pictures i almost forgot what the house looked like!! wowowowow! Also On our special day this week as a family i talked a lot more of the temple and I am going ot try a lot more ot preach about the temple! I love you all so much and I so happy that makenna is foing great!! 

At the capital

Elder Hicks, a member from Belgrano, and Elder Jewett, at the bus stop

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