Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7

Dear Family,
First of all my new companion is from the good old Utah, He works so hard and is a super fun companion. He has about 8 months in the mission!
Also, I love your jerseys so much!! I can’t believe that they continue winning and winning. And this week they are going to play on their independence day. It is truly going to be crazy. And we are going to be able to watch the game again; we are going to try to watch it with the members here. It is going to be amazing... I never knew that I could like soccer so much... and that I would have a jersey of the team. It is actually a really great sport. 
Also, this week I wanted to tell you something that was probably one of the coolest experiences that I have had in the mission. Yesterday we had the farewell of the missionaries that are going home and when we have the farewells members and recent converts and investigators from all the mission come in to see the missionaries that are leaving.. While we were talking with all of them in the end... Elder Clawson (from the MTC, Who is now in Pilar, where I started my mission) came over to me and said we want to present someone to you that got baptized in Pilar this week he says he knows you. His name is Nico. When they told me this I was thinking ¨Nico...who is Nico. I don’t know anybody named Nico... Then Nico came up to me and said Hey Elder Hicks!! 
After he said hi, I remembered everything about him. He was a contact that Elder Barragan and I made and we only talked with him one time about the church, then we tried calling him but he never answered... This happened over a year ago, and Nico remembered everything that we talked about in our conversation! And right when I saw him I remembered everything about the conversation also... It was extraordinary because I remembered the day like it was yesterday and also exactly what we talked about... (And in this time, I couldn’t even talk the language!) But he remembered me and He remembered everything that was said. 
After I realized who he was I gave him one of the biggest hugs and told him congratulations for being baptized. He is one of Elder Clawson’s converts but I also asked him for his email. It was so cool to know just one moment changed the life of NIco!! I know we are tools in the Lords hands and that he loves us so so so so much! But a lot!
Also this week I gave a blessing to a sister who is in our district, she asked for a blessing after the zone meeting. While I was giving her the blessing we could all feel the spirit and it was such a great opportunity to be able to be a servant in the lords hands... After the blessing something unusual happened it was almost kind of awkward, But her face was a little bit awestruck... she said thanks and then they had to go to their area and started to leave. After the sister was walking away she turned around ran over and told me... elder Hicks I want you to know that you have the priesthood of god... you said things in my blessing that are in my Patriarchal blessing. 
After she said that I felt a great peace and I was also so grateful to be able to be a servant of the lord.. 
I hope you know I do not say these things to boast but I want you to know that I know this is the church of Jesus Christ just like you know! I love all of you so much and I know we are going to be an eternal family. I miss you all; you have no idea how much. On Monday I am always thinking what can I share with my beloved family to show them my love. 
Thank you so much for all of your great examples!! 
Elder Hicks
Makenna, I love you so much Keep being such a great girl, I am so glad for your love and that we are brother and sister! I LOVE you. I hope you never forget it,
Mom, Thank you so much for always writing me... without fail. I think about you every day, I really do!! I LOVE you so much 
Dad! I am so glad for your great example of how to be a man, and for your willingness to use your priesthood! Love you
Brennan, Thank you for your support and love. I love you more than you know. Please keep being my great friend!!
To my Eternal family: the Hicks Family- I love hearing about your lives each week! Please keep telling me about the miracles and the daily events that happen!!

One more thing- GO Argentina!!!
I also received pictures from Elder Guerra from the baptism of Santo!

Our family received this picture from Elder Clawson's Mom this morning.  So happy to get it, Troy has not been able to send very many pictures while serving in Belgrano.

Elder Hicks and Elder Clawson at the Argentina v. Netherlands viewing. 
The follow is an excerpt of Elder Clawson's letter home,  His mother forwarded it to me because of what Elder Clawson wrote about Troy.

"Okay, you are going to love this story.  The truth is Elder Hicks was the first missionary that Nico met.  Just a street contact.  Elder Hicks when he was here exactly 1 year ago saw Nico in the street and shared his testimony with him and gave him a pamphlet of one of the mission lessons.  Well, Nico never forgot and told me of this experience during one of our first visits.  I got to bring the two together last night.  Elder Hicks is finishing with another conversation at the end of the farewell and I present him to Nico, ¨Elder Hicks I want you to meet Nico.¨ Elder Hicks said, with a smile, ¨Hey I´m Elder Hicks, nice to meet you Nico.  Nico...NICO!! Oh my gosh Nico what are you doing here?  I remember I talked to you one time in Pilar!¨ Then Nico had the opportunity to tell him that he´d been baptized and confirmed just today.  That was a very cute reunion.  Just remember we have no idea what power and consequences our small and simple and loving actions can have. 
Very memorable week.With lots and lots of love,
 Elder Clawson"

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