Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 28

Dear Family,
This week we helped Susana be baptized, it was such an amazing experience. I love this word and I love the missionary work. I have never felt so tired in my life but I am loving every moment!)

 Dad, Thank you for your experience about your baptism I loved reading it.
Also Mom thank you for sharing with me what you are reading and the things that you are doing... I LOVE hearing about what is going on with the family.
1. This week I have felt God guide me as we talk to people in the street, Personally I feel like God guides us through reason, We think it out in our minds and then as we act with faith (sometimes I have no clue what I`m doing but it also makes sense) we have spiritual experiences. Example. Sometimes as we talk to people in the street and we invite them the spirit prompts us to talk to them even though it may not make sense to talk to a kid of 13 years old or to talk to a big african guy who does not speak spanish... but he speaks Portugues! haha
2. I feel my testimony of my Savior increase everyday, I can not do this without him... it would be impossible. Some things that have occured is that I have been able to keep walking even when I don`t want to. Keep talking or even I have been able to keep awake! the Lord supports and helps ALL of those that choose to follow him. 
I love my savior, Every day I feel the need to be a better servant and to love every moment of it, even when it is hard. And to keep climbing towards higher ground (even when Christ is carrying me up the hill) I know he helps me when I feel alone because He never leaves Me alone. He is always there supporting me. 
I love the mission and I love our family. 
Please keep smiling!! !)
Elder Hicks

P.S. If we work hard we are going to be able to help Liliana be baptized this week!

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