Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30

Dear mom,
Here in Argentina we can´t watch the games... but thats okay whenever Argentina scores we hear all the shouts and screams. Also, Thank you for the advice on how I should act, I always feel like I can do more so I want to run. thorughout the misson I have felt more calm and peaceful but I still think I can improve even more on how I preach and react with the people. It is so great to really be on the mission. Yesterady we went preaching with ELiana and WOW! SHe has changed so much and is so happy! We talked to her about going on a mission. LEt me tell you she shared her testimony the other day with a person in the street and after he person was so excited to learn more. Eliana is such a great friend and convert and person! 
Also this week we met a lady named Susana, She is so great. The sister missionaries in are area were preaching and met her while they were doing contacts in the street, She is literally so great. She is a little petite lady that everytime we talk to her is always smiling and happy, she reminds me a lot of jeannie.(I wrote that in teh letter to her) But we started teaching her and she is so amazing, she has so much love for all of the people. She reminds of Zeezrom a convert of Alma who says right after he got baptized he started preaching!
THis week I ahve leraned that it is impossible to try to think and panipulate the people going ot church, if they don´t have desires to change, now is not the time for them to go. For the reason we were talking with Susana and we had a great lessson with her thanks to my new companion ELder Jewett. But we invited her to pray for the first time, and in her prayer she asked for help to be able to go to the church. She is truly an elect person of GOd. THis sundayShe  went to the church and enjoyed every moment of it! even though it was a hard decesion for her to make. we are trying to help her to be baptizzed for the 13th of july and we are going to talk to her about it and i am sure that she is going to want to be baptized. Every time we leave something for her to read she always reads it and i truly Love her. I really wish I could show you a picture of her. But I am surly going to tak more pictures if her. also, Eliana lives really close to her and is helping her out to have a stronger testimony of Christ. 
Oh and I also have a new companion from Utah, His name is Elder Jewett and he has 8 months in the mission and is such a great missionary! And when i say great missionary I mean super great missionary and has so much excitement for the work here in bELGRANO! i TRULY love him also! 
I also bought a jersey last week of messi and it is such a great Jersey. He plays also for Barcelona in spain and i think when we went to spain we bought a jersey of his also, so it turns out i have 2 jerseys of messi! But thanks fo rthe reminder to buy one... I would not want to leave here without a jersey ot be able to show you when i come home... During the world cup people are always tellling us about the united states and how the y are doing and if we watch the games. Even though we can´t watch it we can feel the world cup spirit!!! GO Brasil!!... wait i mean Argentina... ummm estados unidos? ha 
the mission is so great righ tnow! the best thing i have ever done in my life! I love it and never want it to end I literally love it when someone feels the spirit while we are tlaking ot them and to see the change in them while we teach them. Th emission is the best and even though i miss you about every day... I still love this mission, and i want to help even more poeple here! the lord is preparing people everywhere, In each ward and in each town and neighborhood. All we can do is invite and let the spirit speak to their hearts. 
I lvoe you so much and I love Argentina. htis week while i was preaching some one told me that i sound more Latino... so i hope i am erasing my accent... eho knows? love oyu so much and i hope you can talk to at least one person about the gospel this week. or maybe even better! oyu cna go preaching with the elders! thank you so much for everything mom! you are the best. You are such a great example to me!
Love your son,

Elder Troy Hicks

Dear Dad,
I can not believe that you both went to see Maddie and that she is going to leave on the mission. Thank you so much for going ot see her and supporting her in her decision to serve a mission, It really means a lot ot me!
Dad Today in the mission we have set a lot of goals to be able to talk with more people and to spread the gospel message to all the people her in Belgrano!! !) It is truly great to be able to serve here and to be able to be in Belgrano. Sometimes the people are hard core and don't want to shake my hand... and other times they say thank you and don´t want to here are message and other times thy accept what we are saying and open up and then the feel the spirit and get baptized! That is how is should be done!! 
There are many people here who listen to us. It is so great to see how much the Lord Loves us to give a chance to preach to this pueblo! hah or people! 
Also I am so excited that Argentina is going to play tomorrow and I hope the good ol` United states win!!! hopefully we can preach if they play each other!! !) 
Love you Dad so much, How is work going? 
And can you tell mom that maybe the package won´t arrive for a while because they have problems with the border here in Argentina... who knows? but I am praying and hoping it gets there soon!!!
Love you so much,
Elder Troy Hicks =)

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