Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 15

Dear Family and friends, 
Wow, This week has been so great. We had transfers today, and guess what? I´m staying in Belgrano! I was so happy to know that i get to stay here another transfer! I love Belgrano.
This week has truly been so amazing, I have seen so many miracles from the Lord, One including your message or Email that you sent me righ tnow. I am so truly greatful to see pictures of everyone in A jersey of Argentina. How i love the people here. And How I also love seeing all of your smiling faces so much. Thank you mom and dad, and Grandpa and Grandma and all of my little cousins that i love so much! Thank you. even though... argentina lost... We didn't see the game. But that is okay... I´m not crying...haha but many people here in argentina were crying nd yelling...
I am also so grateful for what you told me concerning Cory Breinholt. I want to be like that, I remember he came to the house before he left on his mission and talked to me for a little bit, How the spirit of the Lord impulses us to act and to be better. I love The example of Jesus Christ, his perfect example to be a missionary all the time, Jesus is the PERFECT missionary and the perfect person. I love him and I also Love my great family. 
I´m not sure if i have told you much about Susana, but i am pretty sure i told you that we lost her and she did not go to church last week. This week, we called her and asked her and invited her to church, She said sorry i got lost doing some things... We were a little confused but passed by  on sunday and she came to church with us, It was so great, on the way to chruch we started talking about her reading and her prayers and even about a baptism, and she kept saying ... it is just something you have to feel, you need to feel these things are true. After, we arrived to the churhc about 30 mintues early and we started to show her some pictures that are in the chruch, we showed her one of the temple and the spriti of the lord really touched her. SHe started crying and we were not sure how we said it but we felt like we needed to tell her that what she was felling was the spirit, so we opened our mouths and we explained to her what she was feeling. we stayed there with her for some time. like it says in preach my gospel we did not have any problems wiht being in silence...!) BUt i am not going to lie...we didnt know when to start talking agin, so after a couple of seconds we started talking again and we showed her the baptismal font. Once again she felt the spirit. started to tear up, just so you know SUsana is about 65 years old and is very great, a little old lady that is always trying to help the peopele around her, but while we talked to her she felt the love of the lord and I know now that she can not deny that it is true that she has felt that it is true. So last night we had a family home evening with eliana and franco, 2 recent converts, and Eliana invited Susana! ( Eliana is a super great Missionary, Ever since she got bpatzed, she has been trying ot share the gospel, She is an example to me.okay now back to the story) with Susana we arrived and Elder Jewett thought of a video to share with her about the book of mormon named ¨a story of the book of mormon¨ (super good check the video out) and after the video we sarted talking to her agin and Elder Jewett shared with her a scripture that was super bold in Alma 10:20 that says repent ye repent ye for the kingdom of god is at hand.¨after we shared the scripture we invited her to pray and to be baptized she said ¨you have almost convinced me¨ I know that we weren´t doing anywork but the spirit was doing all the work by trying to convince her, She said she needs to pray and then she is going ot tell us today if she is going to be baptized by the end of this week!
 I love this place so much and I know without a doubt that by reding the scriptures everyday and by praying we will know that god loves us more than we can imagine. just like I love you but his love is never ending and he is perfect. 
I love the mission, and I love the people here in Belgrano, also I love my family and friends at home. I also love my lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through him anything that is good is possible. 

Love you so much,

Elder Hicks

I got the message Dad! today is P day... sorry for not telling you but every trasfer we have P day on tuesday, so we are going ot have an activity witht the zone and we are going ot go preaching after, and we are going to see SUsana, hopefully she is going to tell us about her prayer. love oyu dad! 
durng the game the whole city shut down and we had to be in our pensions from 4 until the night time. people screaming and people crying... kind of hard to see... and that is why we are here to show them the hope of the world which is the gospel... I was thinking recently what we could say... even though Argentina lost, you can still be onthe winning team, this would be God´s team! hah i don´t think i am really going to say that. But it was pretty crazy. right now their is no destruction or anyhting just some sad people. 
Love you dad!

you forgot something SWABH and
See you soon!

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