Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21

querida Familia,
La Misión siempre se mejora. A mi me encanta la Misión y también A mi me encanta servir a las personas acá en Buenos Aires! Cada dìa es un Sueño! Les Amo un Montón. Más Que saben!
Con mucho Amor,
ELder Hicks


dear Family,The Mission is always improving. I really love the mission and I love to serve people here in Buenos Aires! Every day is a dream! I Love a Bunch. More Than know!
With much Love,
Elder Hicks
Well, I hope you can read the above spanish insert, it is truly so great to be a misisonary here in Buenos Aires. I love the mission and each day that we have to be able to talk with the people here about making conventants with their heavenly Father.
I saw the pictures of Makenna. It is so good to see how determined she is to be successful and to not fail. I love hearing about people who don`t give up on teh first time, and when it is my little sister even better (Big brother Pride=) also it is so great to hear about the miracle that happenend to Brother Brown, I can`t believe how much the Lord looks out for those who need his service and those who give their service to him.  
Mom, thank you so much for sending me the email address of Sister Mcmullin, And i am really hoping that you receive the letter i sent to you also. It came from the heart. Also I can`t believe that Josh and Alexander are already leaving on their missions! They are such great examples to me. It is so great to hear about them. I truly love them. Just so you know that John is serving in Leon... every now and then i get to hear from him, 
Dad, could you do a favor for me? Could you write me, in the next email your story on why you got baptized. Thanks dad! 
My companion is from Utah in a place called herriman, his name is  Elder Travis Jewitt. I am so glad you asked about Susana. We saw her on Thursday... and she said that she was not sure about being baptized. She told us she wanted to wait until the end of the year to be baptized. When we heard this we were pretty bummed. But then she explained why. We had given her the pamphlet of tithing and she read it, and was worried that she was not going to be able to pay her tithing, She told us that she has many debts and she won`t be able to pay her tithing until the end of the year, and she doesn`t want to get baptized until she can do everything that the Lord expects of her, She is so faithful. We still need to talk to the bishop about her being baptized at the end of this week, I`ll tell you what happens in the e-mail next week. 
We also have another investigator named Liliana who is going to be baptized on the 10th, she went to church this week.
I think the biggest miracle that happened this week is that the Lord is able to use me in this great work. I`m not sure how but it is amazing to see that I have the opportunity to help these people here in Belgrano in Buenos Aires Argentina. It is so great because i know i am nothing but through the lord he can make weak things become strong (ether 12:27)
Well I sure do love you Mom and Dad and Makenna and Brennan! It has been a great week. 
With Much Love,

Elder Troy Hicks

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