Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Dear Dad,
I just wanted to start by saying happy Father`s day! Dad, YOu have changed my life in so many ways it is impossible to count. you are my earthly father and nothing will ever change that. I wanted to share with a couple times that you have changed my life and helped me to be a better Person a better son of God: some special experiences that we have had that not only shaped that time but my whole entire life.
Experience 1: I remeber one time I came home with a problem, something was bothering me and I had not idea how to solve it. In this time of my life I was thinking way to much about girls. And I asked you if we could go on a walk... so as we walked we talked about the problem and how I could do better. I don`t even remember what was said but i remember the love i felt from you and I also remeber the example you sent to me.
experinec 2: their have been a couple nights like this but some nights I would come home angry and I would be upset with something about my life... But in one instance I had a problem with ?... and I had no idea to fix it. And we talked in the backyard for some 15 mintues and you helped me to calm down and gave me some great advice and tips to be an even better person.
experince 3: Is you always made time to hangout with me, We would go to games and also we would go shoot, and we also would play pingpong (treasured memories) All those times that you would do things for me are so treasured. I am so greatful and glad that you are my Dad and that we have been able to do these wonderful things together.
And dad don`t think these days are over. I want you to be sure that you will ALWAYS be my dad and will always be there to give me tips. I`m not sure HOW I would do anything without you. I Love you so much and I am so glad that we are going to be an eternal family.  ALSO, you must remeber dad, that we are always going to make even more memories to remember throughout the eternities! 
Happy Fathers day Dad!
Feliz Dia Del Padre!
Elder Troy Hicks

This week the mundial started or the world cup in soccer. and last night as we were preaching there was literally no one in the street and when argentina scorred a goal is was like the whole city went crazy! We could hear GOL!!!! from each building and it came in a huge wave ( you know that when your team scores a goal you need to scream goal!!!) hah i just wanted to tell you a little about the culture here.
Also one more thing about Eliana. Yesterday while she was being baptized i felt the spirit so much, It was literally so great to be able to see one of our sisters enter into a covenant with God. I was so greatful to be able to take part and to see the baptism. THis sunday she is going to be confirmed  a member of the chruch. It is like the door way to salvation is finally being opened up to her and now she really is in this straight and narrow path that leads to eternal life!
Love you!

Mom and dad,
This week if you can, I would really appreciate it for some advice on how to be a better companion and to be a better missionary. Or maybe some help on how i can be better and follow thorugh with the projects i start. I feel like i can do more but I need some help. Love you so much,
And I am so thankful for you heartfelt prayers. I feel them everyday!

Last of all, Bear dog looks so great Dad!! he looks a little fatter. hah
Also Mom, I will pray that you can win in your war against the flowers.!) ha Ha just kidding! keep your great smile my mommy! 

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