Monday, June 2, 2014

The Gran Mission

Dear Family,
First I have to say Happy Birthday Brennan!!! The big old 22 years old! I hope you feel great about being 22! It is so good that you are growing up so fast! I sent you a letter but it might be a little delayed and should arrive to the house in around 3 weeks... sorry.
This week has been absolutely great! We had interviews with president, we had tranfers (elder Garcia and I are staying together!) and we have preached the gospel and found a family that we invited to church. 

Some things that were a little sad is that Elder Barragan is going home this week. HE told me he was going to call you and also he was going to visit our home, him living just around the corner in Mesa is such a great thing! I never thought the mission would pass by so quick or that he would ever finish but now that it is here... I just can’t believe it. There are not anymore sad things besides that! ja Well apart from Makenna being sad in her picture while she is doing her Homework.... ja( don’t worry Makenna just remember happiness is a choice! ha)

Anyways this week Elaina went to church but she still has not decided on being baptized, Also Kevin still we have not seen him! but don’t worry we will never give up!

Santo is also doing so great! I passed by yesterday to see him and we had a great lesson about the restoration with his whole family!( besides his dad, I am not sure if I have told you about his dad but he does not like it when I teach but, I still try to teach a little bit, And then in the end give him a lot of love.) The Santo’s dad is named Carlos and ever since we have been passing by he has not wanted to really listen to the message, But he did go to the baptism and started to cry, I know he felt the spirit there and he will never be able to deny that! But the Lord has really humbled him and it is kind of hard to see, Right now Santo’s dad has no work and smokes a lot. We are trying hard to help him find work, there is a place here that helps the members of the church and others find work and I think he is going to go. He just needs a lot of love because he has a lot of trials! his wife Raguel truly is so great! She has to work a lot because carlos does not have a job and she cannot be baptized because Carlos has refused to get married! She is always reading the Book Of Mormon and loves to go to church. It is such a great family. If you can I would love for you to pray especially this week that the heart of Carlos can be softened and we can really help him. I would LOVE for them to be able to get married!! so would God!)

The temple last week was a great experience, I love everything about the temple and I learned so much as we were there. I know for sure it is the house of lord. I’m sure as you feel when you go, I never want to leave while I am in there and I think to my self how can I have this feeling with me while I am out of this `place why can’t I always be so willing to hearken unto the lords voice, The first time not the second or the third, But the first! But I absolutely love the temple and I am so grateful to actually be able to have one so close during my mission! 

Something super great: This week I was able to go on divisions with some missionaries in my district and we went into another villa and it is the villa 31, It is right on the coast of Buenos Aires and it huge! but everybody their is so much more humble and wiling to listen to our message. 

Also this week their is this kid that always sings in the trains here and while we were riding on the train after he sang and he was collecting money he asked me: ´are you German? /(people always ask me that here!) but as everybody was looking at him and I ( it was right after he sang and everybody applauded for him, so they were all looking at us) I gave hi a pamphlet about the restoration and talked to him and Joseph Smith in front of all the people that were on this part of the train.. I was super nervous.. After the encounter I was a little perturbed for being nervous. but that is okay I just need to learn from my experiences... who know maybe I will have another opportunity to talk in front of people on a train! 
This week has been so great and I love the mission more and more each day. I hope you know that I love each of personally and am so glad to be part of this eternal family. Thank you for your support and Love! 
Mom, I love you so much and I hope this week you are doing great and ALWAYS have that beautiful smile of yours. thank you for ALL that you do
DAD: I am so sorry I still have not talked to president! I have seen him a couple of times but I will do it this week I promise! I hope you can ask me again next week! Also I hope you are looking forward to fathers day! right around the corner!

Brennan: I love you so much and I hope you know that Elder Barragan wants to meet you to! I hope you can be there when he comes!

Makenna: Have so much fun in Europe be obedient while you are there and remember that I love you and am so excited you are going to Go to anouther coundtry!!!! You should try to speak all the languages and learn them while you are there! Love you!

With ALL my Love,
ELDER Troy Hicks

2 things (about a picture we sent Troy of Makenna doing her online class)
1. she looks pretty sad, but super cute!
2. Where are her pants!! haha 
Love you!

Elder Hicks

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