Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26

Dear Mom,
I can`t send any of the pictures that i have right now... The memory that i have does not let me send them with this computer. 
This week has been great and this morning we have gone to the temple! 
I don`t have much time to write but i wanted to tell you that i learned so much in the temple this morning, I am so greatful for our family.
Thanks mom for sharing with me about what you learned in Church those talks are truly the best,
the ones that really hit us when we need a little bit of help, 
I am so glad that makenna is a cautious driver and i love my mission so much.
I am so sorry for the bad E-mail, It wont happen again.
But i wanted to tell you that the temple was so great this morning, I know that Jesus is the Christ and that only in this plan can we return to him.
Elder Troy Hicks
i wanted you to tell Grandma Abbott that i love her and i am so glad she is getting better. and she better be ready for when i come back for me to give her a big hug!! 

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