Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5

Dear Family,
We have tried so hard this week. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! i hope you havea great one and that you find some way to rest while you are on your special day!! I LOVFE YOU SO MUCH, and i am so glad you recived my letter... but you opened it up early!... but it is okay. (=
1. For skype I am pretty sure we will be skyping around 2-5. I am not sure on the exact time but in that time range I would like to skype. I am not sure how I can log onto Skype it would sure be aprriciated if you could send me the way to log in so we will be able to talk! 
This week has been oretty great. We are working so hard here in Belgrano! 
This week we walked a lot and looked for a lot of people,and we had the opportunity to fast 2 times! Lets just say we are doing all we can to find and to help more people come to church. Monday thorugh Saturday we looked for a lot of members to be able to come to preach with us( In the mission we focus a lot on Lessons with Members! we try to have 20 each week) but nobody had much time to come with us. so we didn{t have as much as we need to have but that is okay because the Lord blessed us for all of our work sunday night.. The last night of the week. We were looking and looking of rmore people to teach and we decided to visit  a recent converts home to be able to see how he is doing and to be able ot ask him and his wife if they need anything. When we arrived we discovered that one of their frineds were at the home and we decided to visit with the friend and with the help of Elder garcia´s great teaching skills( I am not sure how he did it but he taught with some amazing examples to explain the Book of Mormon!) the friend named Eliana accepted to listen and to go to church with the family the next week! It was a great miracle.
With Paola and Kevin we saw Kevin on my Birthday... But he could not go to church he said he was going to go but we passed by Sunday and didn´t wake up.... He told us he wathced some boxing game saturday night. Paola also did not go to churhc but is still reading the book of Mormon!
But we did recieve a referal from a  memebr from a nearby city and started to visit an older woman who is 92 years old named Amanda! she went to church with us with her helper, Named Julia who is from Bpollivia! all in alll, It was a great week, and what makes it even better is that I am with agreat friend and companion Elder Garcia, He literally makes everything fun. 
I love the mission so much , soemtimes it is hard but most of the time it is the best thing ever! especially when you bring a 92 year old woman to church with a member who gave her a ride! The sisters are going to continue teaching Amana here in teh ward because she lives alone and we have sisters in teh ward who can enter into her house easier. Our bishop wants us to give all the woman who liuve by themselves to the sisters. We are going to continue seeing miracles! 
LAest of all, we are still visiting Santo and his family but it has been hard to be ableto have an appointment with them, we are going ot visit them tomorrow!
I really love you all so much and I love this work as a amissionary, I know that the Lord is ALWAYS watching over us, With his angels!
the picutres
1. Me an ELder Sandoval ( Peru) he is in our zone and we just got done playing PING-PONG and well i won... So dad you better prespare yourself to lose...
2. A family that we visited this week, named the family Linares!

3. Us with sister Orthalan, She and her husband and the most obedient people I have met. They are truly an example to me of how we should live the Gospel! They set goal during Family home evening of how many people they want to contact during the week( maybe a good idea mom and dad)=)

I love to hear that the Stake is growing so much! What is your calling right now Dad? and how is your Missionary work going?

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