Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19

Dear family
This week has been so great, We have been working so hard, And guess what... we are running every day! for about 20 minutues we are running, to help Elder GarcĂ­a stay in shape of course... Ha 
Also we are still continueing to find more and more people! IT is so great to be a part of this great family that we have.
This week has been so great, We are working so hard here in Belgrano, But we have still do even better. This week we are going to have the baptism of Kevin. I am not sure if I have told you much about him, But for sure he is going ot get baptized this week. Last week he was going to be baptized but his mom 
Also This week we met a lady named Hotty... Pronounced Otti.. and we gave her a Book of Mormon, The next day when we passed by her again and asked her if she read the book of Mormon she said yes... I started reading it to all my patients that i go see in teh hospitla room. We marked 3 nefi 11 AND SHE STARTED READING IT TO THE PEOPLE SHE GOES AND VISITS AT THE HOSPITAL!  It was so crazy. she told us usually she visits 4 people and the day that she recieved the book 13 people came to visit her and after she read the people said WE FEEL BETTER TODAT THAN OTHER DAYS! I know the book of mormon is true and i know it can change peoples lives! If we can use it to help others they will come to the church, It is literally a tool of God to help others see the truthfulness of this gospel.. Why not use it more in daily life and help others iwth it.
AS missionaries here in Belgrano we have started carrying around every where we go. Also HOtty came to church On sunday. After sacrament, she walked out and we had to run her down to see where she was going... haha she told us she was going ot go to her church... we are going ot have to explain authority to her! ha 
All in all we had a great week, And the Lord is protecting us! this week we are gojng to do even better! 
I love the mission!
elder Hicks
Brennan, is going to be 22 soon! and when is Fathers day again is that comng up? ha (=
Also makenna, will you stop growing up so i can see you go on dates when i come back!
I LOVE you all so much, Keep in the fight and we are going to have success go to Christ and we will be protected from Satan! And keep patient because everything the Lord promises comes!!
Elder Troy Hicks

P.S.I only will not be able to send any emails with photos today because my memory is full and my other card is does not send messages. I have tried to upload them but it dosn´t show the photos in the upload box…

       *Troy didn't send any pictures this week but a Mother of one of the Sister Missionaries did!!*

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