Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nov 25

This week has truly been great!
This week we did a lot of walking but we are seeing results.
Elder Paricahua and I are having so much fun. Also this week the heat has started to hit Buenos Aires Argentina. Each night we have to use a fan to be able to sleep or we would sweat to death.
Also something funny yesterday during a lesson that we were having, We were teaching a young man named Gozalo who is 20 years old. And while we were teaching I was sweating so bad, also I had about 20 bites from a mosquito, but all of that did not matter because I could feel the spirit and I could see that growth of a young man. We challenged him to be baptized on the 8th of December. He said yes and is going to be prepared to be baptized that day! This is the Lord's work.
One of the investigators named Elizabeth was baptized this week in our ward and she is doing so great. She truly is converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
The missionaries have been teaching her since I arrived in José C. Paz. But she could not be baptized because she lived with a man. And This week she moved all of her stuff so she could live in a different house and she got baptized!! It truly was so great! She was so excited and she has waited for this day for so long.
She has told us that the missionaries saved her life. About 2 months ago before the missionaries came over she was thinking about doing many bad things because the man she was living with did not love her and also because she did not have a Job and she was not able to escape her problems. She was truly sad and devastated. 
The day the missionaries came over she was going to take her life... She has told us that with the gospel her life has changed. It is so amazing to see a change in her over these past 2 months.
Also Abril and Hermana Luna are starting to teach the Gospel to other People, Hermana Luna is starting to teach the Gospel to her cousin. And this week after Church Abril shared her testimony with her cousin, Her cousin’s name is Daina. And Daiana is going to listen to us teach this week.
Also this week Elder Paricahua and I are doing so much better in our teaching, We have truly seen the Lord help us with our teaching. 
I think one thing that is so important in the mission is that it teaches us what are our priorities. Right now, I am training and I need to focus on Elder Paricahua and each day that I focus more on him and his progression we always have more success. The Lord knows are needs and when we focus on what is most important in our lives we have more happiness and more success! 

I cannot believe that the mission is going by so fast... I truly love each moment of it. I can remember when I was in the MTC and I saw Elder Breinholt and he told me he had 9 Months in the mission and I thought... Holy cow that is so much time. But now I will have 9 months in a little bit of time. I can't believe it. I truly love every moment we have to serve the Lord-
The pictures that I sent are of an investigator named Horacio, It was his birthday and he invited us over to celebrate it with him... If you think I am gaining weight you can call me out... Hah I promise I am doing my exercises each day! 
I know that Christ Lives and that is we act like him we will always be more happy and be able to enjoy life to its fullness. We need to remember what are the priorities and once we do so we will be able to be happy. I am so grateful for my trials because they help me grow closer to Christ and they help me plead for his help. Remember we need him in the worst of times and also in the times that are difficult, always remember him. 
Love you all,
Elder Hicks

P.S. how is reading of the Book of Mormon...? We only have one month left, and it will go by fast.

  Troy sent the picture of the meat for his Dad to see, last week Bill sent him a picture of a bunch of steaks he was grilling for Dinner.  I think this is Troy's way of saying Dad I am eating pretty good myself!

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