Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dec. 2

Dear Family,
i LOVE YOU SO MUCH, i hope in each messsage you can feel the love i have for all of you. Mom you are such a hard worker and seriously you have been an angel in my Life. I love you and think about you so much, i remember your example and how you always served me. thank you for your example. This week especially i have a lot about the family.. with thanksgiving and all, and now chirstmas! i´m not going to promise that i won´t cry because it would be crazy if i did not cry. i hope the missionaries in our ward feel welcome by the families in our ward. especially in this time of the year. Anyway i love you all so much and you are such a great family, dad you are such a great example to me of how to be a man, i have thoughts of you too, of how you set an example to me of how to work. Makenna, i have not recieved a message from you in forever and i am begining to worry about your situation  with the boys , hopefully you are staying away from them. hah only a couple months more you will be able to date, it is worth the wait Makenna. And brennan i always think about you, we have progressed together and gone thoruhg so much, you are my borther and will always be my best friend, Love you a ton.You are all my eternal family and you  are all my bests friends. 
        This week has been great: we have worked hard, we have been exactly obedient, and we have felt the spirit.

THis week i have felt the spirit so strong, We had divisions and my district leader came to my area. he taught me so much about how to live. He is from Nicaragua and is a true represantative of the Lord, He was always thinking about others and always helpìng, and especially always trying to listen to the spirit. He taught me so much about life. 
This week we had an investgator recieve an answer that the Book Of Mormon is true, THe cousin of Abril named Daiana knows that the Book of mormon is true.  Hermana Luna the Mom of Abril has started to do missionary work she invited Daiana to come to church and now Daiana know that the church is true. All we have to do know is teach her and baptize her and have the support of her parents. the other investgators that we have are named gonzalo and Noelia. Noelia is the sister of a less active and yesterday we taught her. She told us that she needs more hope in life. She is not married and has 2 kids that she is raising by herself. and she is really trying her best but she says it is so hard. During the lesson we read the scripture in Ether 12:4, after she read this scripture she started crying. All she has to do know is pray about the book and Joseph smith and her life will be changed forever! WE are going to see her later today, i ll tell you how she is doing next week! 
Also in Argentina it is getting super hot... you know what that means... more Ice cream! hah no, it means that we need to drink more water so we will be able to function. It is so much differnet than the states because their is no air conditioning here and everyone has fans which really are lifesavers! ha to sleep we need the fan, tostudy we need the fan, to not always be sweating we need the fan. It is like football practice but all the time. ha The heat doesn´t really bother me, i just hope it helps more people listen to our message so they can save their life through Chirst.
My foot is doing os much better, it doesn´t hurt and i need to be better about applying the lotion on it, but other thatn that it is okay. thanks for asking mom
I´m really so glad you got to see grandma this week, I thought about her this morning, i looked at my geneology chart and i was thinkning about the death of Granpa Burke and i was thinking that my kids are not going ot know who he was and our not going ot have the chance to meet him, it really struck me. I learned that as we grow up life really does change a lot. And it will not ever be that same, so we have to enjoy every moment that God gives us, I am so glad that i was able to learn that.
Something that i learned this week is that we should always be learning, If we learn from every experince we will always be progressing, ANd if we learn something thorugh the spirit we will be able to use it for some period furhter in the future.
Thank you for all that you have done for me, you really are the best family ever. I think about you often. 
Elder Hicks
sorry for not having any pictures... i din´t take much this week i will be better the next week.

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