Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov. 18

Dear parents and family,
In this letter i want to communicate with you how much i love you, I hope you can feel the LOve i have for you.
THis week has been great and the time is flying by so quickly. We listened to Elder Holland this week and he spoke a lot about who we are. That we are literally representatives of Christ. ALso his wife spoke about a scripture in Doctrine and convenios in section 88: 63-68. It really has left me thinking about many things in my life and during my misiĆ³n. OUr investigators have not been doing so well. BUt what is so good is that ABirl went to church with her mom this week and they are on the track to being members for the rest of their  lifes and for eternity.
Dad, you asked me what I do with my spare time. For my spare time I don´t workout. I am trying to be as healthy as I can be and I am learning so much about the importance of the word of wisdom. If we follow the word of wisdom we can be the most happy possible. Also about the country of Argentina I don´t know much about, It is truly hard to find time to do anything on the Preperation day and to come back in time to teach all of our investigators.
 I really want to talk to you about what I learned during the conference with president and sister Holland. I really loved the talk by sister Holland. SHe specifically talked about the verses in the doctrine and conenants. And in this scripture it talks about how we need to keep our put only on the glory of God. And after this the scripture gives a promise that if we have any darkness inside of us. The darkness will be chased out and it willed be filled with Light. I have been thinking a lot about this scripture and how we can chase the darkeness out of our life. I know if we think of the God all the time and of his glory we will be able to chase away any darkness that is in us.
In he talk of President Holland, I learned so much and I am still learning more. Elder Holland talked about who we are, that we are somewhat apostolic. That as missionaries, from the time that we wake up we are thinking about how we can save the human soul.  And that truly is the mission, that we can always think of a way to save the human soul and each day we can focus ourselves in this mighty goal.. the same goal that God has.
In the end of the talk, I wrote in my Journal: I just listened to Elder Holland and I know He is a prophet of God. I felt the spirit, a feeling of tingles that starts in my mind and goes to my feet.
I know that Christ lives and that he Loves us so much, This following week is going to be so great!! Always keep your head up and if you are sad, think about who you are. A child of God. That, I can promise will bring you happiness.
I hope you can feel my Love for you all through my letters, I know they are not perfect and I don`t always answer all your questions, but what I know is important is that I  love you and I hope you can feel it. Also I hope you can feel the love God has for you.
Love you so Much,
Elder Hicks

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