Monday, September 30, 2013

Jose C Paz/Elder Paricaha

Dear Mom and Dad and family!
I received the letter from Makenna and I still need to read it, I will read it right when I get home, but I will read it right when I get to the apartment. And the photos are amazing! I love photos also!
Thank you for the advice Mom, and I can´t believe we had so much family visit us! It is great to see that our family is so close and that Grandma and Kari and Vicki can visit us! How long are they going to stay?
Thank you for your prayers, they are helping me so much.
Well, I had an interesting week also, lets just say I let my pride get to me a couple of times throughout the week. Also opening an area is a lot more diffclt than I thought it would be, we only have one investigator right now, But the members are helping us a lot. I am in a place called José c. Paz. We live with the zone leaders, so it is 4 in the house, and I am training Elder Paricaha from Peru, he is so excited about the work and I love him a lot, But how I need to be better with my patience. This week the members helped us out so much with less actives that we should visit and the ward is set up very well, it kind of reminds me of our ward. I met the bishop and he is great, and there is a member named Patricia that likes to go and preach with us every day, she is so great.
In our ward in Jose C Paz we have 4 missionaries Elder Pittard from Utah and Elder Carvajal from Chile, and they are the zone leaders, and me and Elder Paricahua. and he is from Peru and I am training him. I never thought I would worry about someone so much and my love for him is so great but I am not super patient, he has a lot of questions and I am not very good at answering all of them... I know through prayer the Lord will help me. but lets just say I am far away from being a good father and I need to explain things a lot better!
Also in José C. Paz it is similar to Pilar. It is not big city more like a town. We live close to the Plaza and it is a super nice area is great also, this week we spent a lot of time looking for the less actives and nobody seeemed to be home. the good thing is that the Lord is helping us, for example this week we were looking for some menos activos for a couple of hours and nobody wanted to answer the door, but as we were walking we saw a family and started talking to them and they were less actives!  We are going to meet with them tomorrow, and this family is a part member family. The lord works in mysterious ways but i know it is for our best!
My companion is great and I love you so much, always remember, if we want to be happy we need to have the spirit, and the sprit comes from our faith in the lord Jesus Christ and we show our faith by our actions, and if our actions and in accordance with the laws of God, or if we are obedient, everything will be okay, the lord loves you all and I love you all, and I can´t believe time has gone by so fast.
Elder Hicks

I saw Elder Barragan at the meeting where we retrieved the new missionaries, he is going to be a trainer again, oh how I have missed him, also I am going to take more pictures of the area today it is a lot prettier than Pilar.

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