Monday, September 2, 2013

Sept 2

Dear mom,
This week has been great we found 2 families and they went to church. they are both so great and i love them so much. 
Before i answer your questions i want to say that i love you so much, all of you. And i am so glad i have the gospel and my family in my life.
OUr day consists of a lot of walking and also we ride buses. our ward is so great. Probably the best ward in the mission., Right now it is growing so much. This week it was the biggest i have ever seen it since i arrived to Pilar. 104 people for Sacrament. By the end of the year we need to have 140 to stay a ward, if not we will become a branch. WIth our new bishop many people are returning and we are trying so hard to help him. HE is so loving and such a hard worker. Shopping is same right now, But about 10 years ago they only had little side shops to by everything. Right now they have a walmart that is close by, and a place like walmart called carrefour, things are a lot different here like the food but right now i think i am acustomed. My clothes are holding up great and my shoes. I think by 1 year and a little bit i might need new shoes but i will tell you how it goes.
The thing i am most worried about is my investigators. The next thing i am most worried about is after my mission i will return to who i was before my mission. I literally have fear of going home already because i want to be a man of god after my mission. I have a vision of who i want to be after my mission and i know it will take a lot of planning but i want to be that man. Right now, each day i am more and more clos to who god wants me to be.
Transfers are every 6 weeks. also our new president is the greatest, He went out with this week, and me and my companion asked him what can we do to do better. And President Ayre said keep doing what you are doing i learned a lot today as i worked with you. I know he is the mouthpiece of god for us and i was so greatful to hear that. But i know their is so much more i can do better.
Also the members always feed us everyday, My favorite food is the food from peru, we have some peruvians in our ward and their food is so good. 
Each day is so hard, but i love it, Yesterday we were walking from in appointment with 1 of the families that we just found and in teh lessson she told us she knew the book of mormon was true. As we were walking i felt so physically beat up. But my spirit felt so the scripture says come to me and i will give you milk and honey without price. I know if we look for spiritual things first god will provide for physical things. IT was such a great experince to have. Also with the other new family that we have is having a couple problems. THey are married which is so good, but they had a disagreement the other day and they got into a fight, i love them so much and i have no idea how to help them. I know the gospel can help anything in this world but i am only a 19 year old boy. i know the lord will help us this week to be able to talk to them and my companion is doing so great. I love him so much. 
Sorry if i am not telling all that is happening during the week, Basically for this week the lord has blessed us with 2 families, one is a single mom, and the other is a family, they are named roxana and sergio, they have so much faith in christ but they just lost a kid and the mom wants a girl so much. and she is having a toungh time and she cries alot and it is really hard for the husband to have her cry and he has no one to talk to. we are working really hard this week to share the plan of salvation with them. THey are such great people. also with the single mom her name is celia and she has 3 kids and her boyfriend moved out the other day and she is really sad, She is so great and is doing much better since she has read teh book of mormon.
I think i am gaining a little weight also mom and family i am not really sure what to do. I often feel stressed but we will see what happens as we continue this next week. I love you all so much and i am so thankful for your prayers
I have to go but i love you all so much
Elder Hicks

Tell brennan i am glad he got accepted to byui! i love you all so much, 

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