Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept 16

We had a great week this week!
I don’t know if I have explained our ward but it is growing and we our so excited with our growth. We have a bishop who is super young, he is about 31, and he is so great. He is starting a ward mission plan so our ward can grow even more. His name is bishop Funes and he is so great, Right now we have about 100 in the sacrament meeting and we are going to grow even more with our ward mission plan.
I have learned so much from Elder Barakat and this is the last week of the transfer, He is probably one of the best missionaries I know. He is from El Salvador and is 21, we are always joking and talking about the gospel. This week we have decided to only speak Spanish because I need to have my Spanish be so much better to be able to be a senior companion pretty soon. Maybe. But he is always getting after me for how I say the R in Spanish and I am trying so hard to be better. HE is another on of my best friends. 
This week the boyfriend of C., Our investigator returned to live with her. Right now she can’t get baptized and it is so hard to see.
This week it is raining but it is not to bad, because I can grow so much mentally as we walk in the rain, haha... 
This Sunday morning when we woke up we received a text from Sergio and Roxana that said they could not go to church and we were so worried because this week they have to go to church to be able to be baptized next week, Right when we saw the text we started to pray and then we left the house to go look for them. The neighborhood where they live is called Villa Rosa, and it is about 15 minutes from Pilar where the Church is. So we went to Villa Rosa and we went to their house and when we arrived we figured out that Sergio had a Migraine and didn’t want to go. So we left with only Roxana and Sergio told us he would come in a little bit if he felt better. When we got to church we had a great service, and the sacrament was great but we were so worried about Sergio. And then we had a miracle, about 5 minutes before the sacrament ended Sergio arrived at the church and we were so happy, I looked at elder Barakat when he walked in and he had such a big smile on his face. We were like little kids who just received candy. 
It truly was a miracle that he arrived and every time we talk to Roxana she is talking about the 21st and her baptism. Also she talked to our bishop this week about how she can get married in our church and they started talking about the temples. This family is truly one of the greatest families ever. 
Not better than our family of course but we love them so much. 

Dad, I don’t think I will be able to sing in church and you know in 2 years I will still be able to beat you at ping pong ha, maybe but you should tell them to bring an investigator to play ping pong with you. Wouldn’t that be so cool to share the gospel while playing ping-pong? And thank you for the news from Brother Wood; he is such a great man. How is our ward doing is it growing? How is it being Secretary dad? I know you will be bishop soon! Dad also I need some advice this month I don’t have much more money and I would like to ask for your forgiveness but I need to take a little money out of the bank to be able to last until the end of the month. I need the money because we bought groceries for Celia that one week and now I don’t have a lot of money. I would like some advice form you do you think it is bad that I use money from you while I am on my mission?
I love you all so much and I hope you liked this letter! Keep working on your six-pack dad, 
Also I am going to write one more email to you after this that is a challenge I would like to give you, for Christmas when we talk on the phone.
Elder Hicks

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