Monday, October 7, 2013

Oct. 7

Our Zone
 Dessert or Egg?
In the plaza of Jose C. Paz

Dear Mom,
Mom, I literally love your letters... they are the best. Every time i read your letters i feel the spirit so strong, i almost cry each time. But don´t worry i Laugh also. Laugh and Cry i don´t know what to say some of the best emotions right?

And yes i have recieved the letter from Aunt toni.. I really have to write them, thank you for the reminder to write them, i have made plans to do it tonight. Thank you Mom.  Already talking about Christmas mom, wow! this year has gone by so so so Fast! ha i feel like it was just new years yesterday.
For conference, I watched it in Spanish for the first session and i understand almost every word, But i could feel and set better goals as i watched it in english so i watched the rest in english. We watched it in a stake center in san miguel, a city right next to José c. Paz.
All I can say about conference is it is better than enything I have ever watched in the world. Before the sessions I felt as if i have never looked forward to something more exciting in my life. I had so many questions and they were answered. As they were speaking each word they said was said with so much love.
I thought a lot about you and the family as i was watching it. i knew you were crying during a couple of the talks as i watched them. It is so great to know we have angels for each one of us that our watching us.
It seemed to me that they talked a lot about hope(and missionary work). Something that a lot of people need right now, and we can only fine true hope in the atonemnet of Jesus Christ. I love this messaage, it is so true that the only hope we can have is in Christ and in his atonement, one of my favorite scriptures is Jacob 4:12 ¨and now, beloved, marvel not that i tell you these things; for why not speak of the atonement of Christand attain to a perfect knowledge of hima to attain to the knowledge of a resurrection and the world to come.
Please think about this invitation... For why not speak of the atonement of Chirst... The other day Elder Viñas came to our mission ( he gave the closing prayer in the sunday morning session) and he invited us to talk about what the atonement has done for us. and I have never felt so much joy. When we talk about the atonement of CHirst and what it has done for us we see the miracle of change in our life which can only come through Chirst. And we also see the miracle of change in other people.
For why not speak of the atonement of CHirst...., and attain to a perfect of HIM... we will have a perfect knowledge of him if we do this... and this scripture continues and says, as to attain to the knowledge of a resurrection and the world to come... what more hope can we ask for?
I want to invite you in the family to take this invitation of Jacob... ¨for why not speak of the atonement of Christ?¨ and I promise that the holes of sin will be covered up, you will have more strenth to go on, the lord will lift you up and you will see light.
All you have to do is take a night and talk one by one what has the atonement done for you, and the lord will guide the rest of the conversation.
This morning i took the challenge with my companion and i cried.. i cried for Joy at what the Lord has given me.
Personally this week in José C. Paz 3 we did not have anyone go to church we have some investigators named yamila and roocio and their mom is a huge support for them but they do not have the desire.. also the members are helping us a lot sending us references but we just seem to not be able to find any people that are really looking for the truth, we met a man named Diego this week, who might be interested and we have an appointment with him today i know it will go well.. We are really trying hard to find people that The Lord needs in his church... we are looking for leaders. I know the Lord will help us this week if we work hard.
Thank you for your prayers Mom and family, and keep reading the Book of Mormon, we have to finish it by Chirstmas. I love you all so much.
Elder Troy Hicks
P.S. For why not speak of teh atonement of Christ, and attain to a perfect knowledge of him.
Mom, and makenna I love you so much, and i know that god loves you more.
Dad, I love you so much and i figured out what i need to do with buying people groceries... i think about you often, and i love you so much, i am trying everyday to become the man that you and god want me to be. I also have a lot of goals that i hope we can accomplish together when i return home... this mission is flying by and i am learning so much.
Brennan, i love you and i know god loves you and knows who you are, i am so glad for you as my Brother... i think about you a lot, and i hope you know you are loved, and the love will never stop.

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  1. I love pictures of missionaries! Troy looks like he's doing awesome! Can Troy tell Mitchell to send his mom some pictures. I've resorted to stealing them from other's blogs and facebook...