Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3

Dear Mom, Dad, Brennan, and Makenna,
This week has been so good. Probably the best week of my mission. We had an opportunity to see Elder Cook, and listen to him speak in our mission! He talked about how the missionaries are going to be working a lot more with the members. The spirit was so incredibly strong. I know that God loves us so much, each one of us. Everyday people reject us and I get a little sad for that person that rejected us because I know they could be so blessed for their decision to join this church. But as in says in preach my gospel we have to keep pressing on. But my love for others is increasing so much. I never thought I could have so much love in my heart for other people. 
Something I have learned while being in Argentina with my companion Elder Barragan is how to forget yourself. Always he is serving, and I am trying to pick up on that too. 
My Apartment is so great don’t worry about the bathroom it is kind of fun to have something out of the ordinary. I love it here. I am learning how to be clean!
We are teaching a lady named Carolina. She accepts everything we ask her to do and follows up on every commitment. She is so in tune with the spirit she really wants to follow Christ. She has a baptism date this Saturday. We are having daily contact with her to make sure she stays with the commitment and learns everything she needs to learn before the baptism. Also I can teach in Spanish. I do not understand everything yet. But I am working on my language. This week we went on exchanges and I was with a Spanish speaker form Uruguay! His name is Elder Vicente! He only speaks Spanish. We did work together as a companionship. He taught me se much Spanish and I taught him a little English it was so fun to be with him for a day. 

The church is true; the Book of Mormon is the word of god. And I know the lord never gives a trial we can’t overcome. The power of prayer is amazing! God is always there for you with his hands out. We need to tell more people of this love and more people of the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ so they can become closer to Jesus Christ. If they are not baptized they cannot go to the celestial kingdom! What a weight we have on our shoulders to be members of the church! Share your testimony with others all you can.
I am so happy our home is dedicated it will truly help keep the spirit there! I know that is true. The priesthood power is so strong! So much stronger than anything Satan will ever have! Thanks for the Emails! I love hearing about your days so much, and I am having fun! 
Oh also we spent today cleaning our apartment! It felt so good to be in a clean apartment. We just have a problem with flies! What a great challenge it is. I love Argentina! You are the best family ever and you are always in my heart! Oh and mom, I always wear my shoes in the bathroom. haha
Elder Hicks! 

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