Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10

Hola familia,
I am loving it here. We had 2 baptisms yesterday. One lady’s name was Elba, She is around 70 years old, and Carolina she is 29, I will send you pictures next week, I forgot my camera... sorry. Satan tried to attack both of them the day before there baptism. Carolina said she didn’t feel ready and with Elba none of her family came to her baptism and she started crying because of it the day before her baptism. We went to both of there houses every day this week so we could have daily contact (preach my gospel missionary!) and I know that is what you have to do before the baptism, Satan does not want them to be baptized because he doesn’t want any of god’s children to progress. My companion told me through his mission he has learned that not all is well in Zion. We have to look after the people that we know and make sure their faith in Christ is growing. This gospel is the only way to be happy. 

After the baptism of both of them Elba came to shake my hand and then she kissed me on the cheek! I did not know what to do! haha don’t worry I repented. 

It is so good to hear about all the missionaries going out! I really need to get the email of Stephen! He is going to do so great.

OH and make sure to tell Brennan happy Birthday! I can’t believe he is 21 already. 
Oh and we eat a lot of Milanese. It is this fried meat thing it is really good, and we also eat a lot of dulce de leche! Dulce de Leche is so good. It is kind of like carmel but better. 

I love this ward and this area, but we need to work so much harder. It is so hard to see people reject are message. I am beginning to understand the language more and more, It is really weird, in a lesson when I need to know the language God helps me understand so much and then I can say more but when we are outside of a lesson it is a lot harder to understand people. All I know is I need to work harder and the lord will take care of the rest as long as I try my best.

This week I hope you look for alt he blessing you have in your life from the lord. I know they are so many, the people here almost have nothing and they go out of their way to pay tithing when they don’t even know if they can eat. I am learning so much from the people here they go out of their way to give, thinking about others before themselves. I love them so much, please go out of your way to count your blessing, we have so many! I love you all and read your scriptures everyday. They are so good. You can always learn something new from them. Tell Makenna I’m glad her foot is good and I love you all.
Trust in the lord more than you trust in yourself. He will help you do great things.
Elder Hicks

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