Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27

Mom... I love you so much and i am so sorry It has taken me this long to email you. We work so hard here. I literally have not had time to unpack. We get home at 9 we plan until 10 20 somenights spending the whole time on are knees. I trust the lord so much! i can guarntee you nothing and i mean nothing that someone could give to me would change my testimony of the church. I know it is true... But we are always so busy there is never time to do anything like clean our pension. This place is nothing like i thought! seriously, we walk around in the dirt all day! all my pants have dirt marks.. and dont et me started about my white shirts.. we wear sweaters everyday! and I love every second of it! it is so cool! it is unbelievable how poor some of the people are out here! we are in a place called Pilar, Argentina.. about an 1 hour outside of buenos Aires. the people here are so nce and i understand more and more each day...
My companions name is ELder barragan! oh and we work so hard! i try to say hi to everyone i see!... oh and to explain what kind of place i am in, sisters are not allowed in the area and i have to keep my patagonia back pack at home because the District leader said it would get stolen if i took it out. so i have a shoulder bag that i bring out that the mission gives us! oh and the reason it has taken so long for me to send this email is because we went ot the temple today and it took all day.. we had to call president to get premission to send are letters! everybody speaks spanish! it is so cool... also the people here are a little shy but all you have to do is say hi to them in a nice way and they usually say hi back, i love them, or at least my love for them is growing!
only one of my friends from the MTC is here.
I was pretty tired when we first got here but now it is not bad at all!
My district leaders name is ELder Abroa he is mr. Aboroa´s kid!m ( i think i spelled it wrong) 
Mailing address is.. General Lavalle 1828, San Fernando, this is the offices. they can send it to me from there. 
There are no washing machines with us... or irons.. so we have to wash our clothes oruselvse or get a member to it.. tomorrow i will need to get a memeber to do it.. or something like that because so far i run out of garments tomorrow... we will see.. it is so fun here. a little hard at first but io love it..
so busy all the time learing how to be a representative of christ.. but i am teaching more during lessons and the lord is helping me learn the language! 
Mom i love you! i don´t know what i would do with out you.. probably die!
This week.. We went to a house.. and a lady started feeding her child... I didn´t know what to do! i just stared at my companion for the whole time we were there and left at soon as possible.. KEEP TELLING ME TO WORK HARD MOM!"
i need to be such a better missionary.. I love you. 
Elder Hicks
Oh ya Church was great also.. i gave a talk and i was suppose to introduce myself. so as I was preparing my talk i was trying to get the ward pumped for missionary work and i wrote up a talk about moses 1:39.. and i was so excited to give a talk in Castellano( oh by the way a whole different type of Spanish, it seems like they mumble everything compared to Mexicans) so when sunday came around i ahd my talk prepared and got up to the pulpit to give it, i read my talk about moses 1:39 but i did not talk about myself, the whole reason for me talking, i was so excited to talk about missionary work that i didn´t even talk about me... so awkward once i realized that after... well its all good after sacrament i made sure everyone knew who i was.. also the ward is pretty small compared to our ward. many less actives.. but we can help it grow! through CHirst. we need more people to come to church and get baptized so they can be saved! please keep praying this week and i promise you will have an experince with the holy spirit if oyu have faith! the lord always delivers. 

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  1. Mitchell is learning Castellano Spanish too. It will be fun when they get home to compare their dialects! Mitch complains about the mumbling too.

    I am sure Troy is saying Hi to everyone he sees. He is so good at that.