Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17

Dear family!
Wow, We had a great week here in Argentina our new converts are doing great. We are working so hard to get another baptism this weekend. Oh and also mom if you ever send a package can you send me more garments, the cotton kind for my bottoms 32 or small and the round neck for the top (cotton also and its a small) that would be great if you could send me 6 more. 

This week was such a great week on the mission, we are going to play soccer today s and we have to leave soon.

This week was amazing because we found a part member family that had 4 new investigators. We taught them Saturday night and they were so interested in the gospel. And they were so committed about coming to church the next day but then they never came, it was defiantly a let down but we still had an investigator at church, it is the granddaughter of Elba and we are going to baptize her this weekend and hopefully her mom to. It is going to be tough.
I need all the prayers I can get and pray for the Mom of Oriana to want to change! Please! We need a miracle. I need to go sorry for the short email! I will try to get back on we need to travel somewhere today to play soccer! Love you!

Elder Hicks

We received another email later in the day...I am so glad.  

Letter continued,

Yes, we eat at members home, we get fed every day from the members. Most of the time the members give us food to go. Only some of the time do we eat in there home. Also we get about $153 dollars a month, things are a little bit more expensive here. I was surprised to figure that out when I got here. Also to go everywhere we either ride our bikes or we take buses! There are so many buses here it is crazy. It is kind of hard to last but we will be okay this month we just need to budget! Oh also I have not told president I know Dave Pothier

Also happy fathers day dad!! I hope all went well with German chocolate cake what a great thing to eat! Also dad how did it go with studying the attributes of Christ in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel? I hope you are growing spiritually with those gifts. We have to pray to be able to have them we cannot attain those attributes without the help of god.

This week was probably the harder week in the mission, but so great that I finally passed over it and I understand myself so much more now! What happened was yesterday I was mentally exhausted and I felt like I couldn’t take Spanish anymore, I had a headache I wanted to sleep and have a regular Sunday! But what I did was turn my attention to our heavenly Father, what would he want me to do right now. So I got on my knees and I said one of the most heart felt prayers I have ever said in my life. And I got up and kept going. After I went to my company and asked him for a blessing. The blessing was so beautiful and I know it came from our god, Heavenly Father! After that my mind was more at ease and slowly I started to figure out how to fix the problem I was having. I know Heavenly Father knows each one of us personally and wants us to be happy. And now matter what ANY negative thought comes from Satan. What a beautiful thing it is to have the power of prayer and the power of the priesthood in our home and to have it on the mission we are so blessed.

Also this week I confirmed Carolina with the Holy Ghost and gave 2 Priesthood blessing, it was a miracle to see heavenly father work through me in a different language to heal the sick and to give someone the guidance of the Holy Ghost. It was a great experience. I know the priesthood is from god and it is his power on the earth.  Everything is going great we just need to baptize more and as long as I am trying my best it is going to happen if the lord wants it!

I hope you know heavenly Father loves you personally, and knows you personally. Anytime you are down or need help, do not rely on yourself, go to god and use your resources, prayer priesthood, we have the power of the heavens in our home. He is standing there with open arms.

I love the mission so much and I love seeing other people change their lives through this gospel. This week we went over to Elba’s home, Elba is abbot 60 if you remember, and we were talking to her, and this young man named Dario walked by and she called him over. After that, Elder Barragan started talking to Dario about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. Once Dario had to leave we asked Elba to say the prayer and while she was praying she said heavenly father please help Dario to see the truth of the Book of Mormon and to join our church Amen. It was so cool to see her faith in the lord. We are going to meet more with Dario this week. The people here have so much faith and our so humble. I love you all and please always have faith in the Lord and rely on him with everything he always delivers us.
Elder Hicks

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