Monday, June 24, 2013

Eternal Family

Dear My Eternal Family,
I love you so much! I hope you understand the importance you are to me. This week my thoughts were directed much towards you during my studies. And i hope that dad has been working on the attributes of christ section of Preach my gospel. And Mom I want to know if you can see any changes in the home since the dedication. Also mom can you read and pray and study about Mosiah 27 in the Book of Mormon. Next week I want to hear about it in your next letters to me how the studying is going.
I watched the conference yesterday also! It was so great many things were mentioned about the missionary work. While I was watching the family work together to get baptisms I was very inspired also, and that family can be us!   Will you pray about families we can invite to church. . I invite you to pray and make plans and if you have any questions go to the Lord, he will always help and preach my gospel is a great tool to use also if you need help.
This week I have never loved the mission more. We have had so much fun as a companionship. Yesterday and most of this week we have been working so hard to always speak Spanish  within the companionship. I know the through the Lord I am learning this language at a rapid pace. Also yesterday we started talking more about only gospel topics and we have had the spirit so much stronger within our companionship. The Lord is really looking out for us and teaching us so much.

The sad thing this week is that our baptism fell threw, and we did not baptize this week.. we are working so hard and hopefuly the fireside can fire up the members to invite more of their friends to hear the gospel.

I´m so glad we can be an example to our family. I love you so much!"

Oh and for Makenna, what is going on with her.. can you please tell her it is so hard to write a letter here and i am trying my best to find time. But i want her to know how she is doing over email! how is summer school, how are her prayers, I know she is already a great teacher and has a testimony, but how are her reading of the book of mormon! Can you ask her to study and pray a section a day in  the for the strength of youth and Moroni 7 this week?

Brennan also I have no clue what is going on with selling! Something that might help you sell more is in Preach my gospel he can read how to find people ch. 9! It talks about how you can find more people to sell the gospel but I think it applies with selling anything. And can he read Alma 7: 9-13, it is such a good scripture about the saviors love for us!

I love you all and I want to know how these scriptures apply to your lives and what the spirit is trying to tell you through them! so I
 invite you to write me a letter about how it went!  I know Christ lives and God loves all his children and I also know Joseph Smith was a Prophet and Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet now!

Trust in god

Elder Hicks

Also can you send my email to Jim and Jeannine.

And today I am going ot buy winter clothes so money is going ot be taken off my card, so dont worry if you see money taken off. love you! DO missionary work and save souls!

-next week i am going to email on tuesday we have transfers on monday!! love you!

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