Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Merry Christmas, Christ lives!

Dear Family and friends,
    This week has been so great as a missionary!! woohooo I love the mission!
so this week has ben a nother great week of work and families. I`m not sure if i have told you about the family Diaz. But he only has one leg and has a helper leg (those metal legs that help you to walk) his wife and 2 kids. Their names are Ramon Victoria, Brandon(13) Aime(11). THey are such a great family ! they made my companion a cake for his brithday of mexico!
     This week only Ramon went to churcdh and we were thinking about letting them go as investigators to help them realize if they don`t go tot churhc they won`t be able to baptized and they won`t be able to get married on the 9th of january... but when we arrived both of them had their bokk of mormons in their hands and they were supposedly reading them! 
     yesterday as a zone, almost no one went to church for the rain that we got!! it was pretty disappointing! as a zone we had 11 baptisms and 12 confirmations. But this christmas month we are going to have a whole lot more!! I am not sure what is going to happen but the lord has a plan to bless us with many baptisms. As a mission we have felt that we are going to break records and if we believe it, it is going to happen!! (well we also have act according to that belief but we know it is going to happen.) 
     Something funny that happened this week is my comapnion and i were teaching a family in the street and we gave them a book of mormon, as we were leaving after giving the book of mormon we usually give a handshake to the people( just so you know that is weird in argentina because the usually give kisses on the cheek) so as we wer leaviing the girl wanted to give a kiss on teh cheek to my companion and practicall pulled his face into her face! it was so funny beacuse Elder Bobadilla was saying no! we don`t give kisses on the cheek and she, for some reason wanted to say bye with a cheek!! ha it was super funny. 
      As we have been teaching more and more people I have felt a love grow towards the people in ricardo rojas... I feel like it is my own people even everyone knows i am a white kid from the united states ( aguante Gringos) I feel for all the people and I try to say HI to everyone... I am not sure if i am annoying most of them or helping them see the love that i feel!! I love this mission and I love sharing the gospelto help others be happpy for this live and for the eternities!
     I wanted to ask everyone a question a question of self refextion that you can do each day as it grows closer to christmas... I don`t think their is a better time than right now to grow closer to our lord and saviour Jesus Chirts... 
The question is: What have I done today to serve Another? 
as we do so I promise that you will find peace and find that their are many little ways to help others to be happy. Let`s enjoy this life!! 
Love you all so much!!! 
Elder Hicks

us with the family diaz!! their is the birthday cake for Elder Bobadilla!

Please check this video out! it talks about what is the real gift of Chirstmas!

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