Monday, November 10, 2014

Semana de FE!!!

Der Mom, 
     This week has been absolutly great! I don´t think I have ever worked so hard in my mission. My Compnion is such a stud and I am learning so much from him. Just so you know when you come down Elder Erickson´s prents want to send him a package in the mail! 

 I know I have not written many things in a couple of letters it is that we have been so focused on doing things as a zone. right now I only have about 15 minutes!
   This week we worked so hard we had interviews with president, and I sure love President Ayre he really is an example to me on a consecrated life to God. Also I went on  division with the assistants. One of the assistants is from Saint George Utah his name is Elder Wade and He knows John Nelson! The mormon world is so small! 
    I just would like to know how we can keep preaching and inviting others to come unto Christ all my life. I have seen so much Joy in this work and I know every blesssing that we recieve comes from our heavenly Father and for only being obedient we can receive these such treasured blessing that we desire so much to have...
    So Mom, I wanted to tell you something that I learned this week, that I really loved. Our president was teaching us about the sprit and how we can discern the difference from our thoughts and those of god. He said... ¨Sometimes Elders I have thoughts to do something and I don´t know if its from the spirit or not, and I don´t think I should do that, maybe if I am living worthy and I am doing what God expects of me I don´t need to ask if it comes from him but be sure that I should act and if it is not from him he will stop me before I can do what I am thinking.¨

I don´t know but this really helped me to understand the meaning of Act! Also Moroni 7:16-17 explains things from the spirit and in PMG it talks about feeling of the spirit and President Hinckly talks about how we can tell the difference. Mom, I am so glad for your obedience to the laws of God. 
    This week we are going to keep trying to look for more people, and I hope we can get someone to church this week no one came... I'm sure God is going to help us and it now only depends on the agency of the people that we meet!
Please share this message of the gospel with everone I know and God will give you the sprit as you do so. 
   Love you all so much,
Elder Troy Hicks

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