Tuesday, November 18, 2014

El final se acerca, Vamos Más Rapido

Dear Family and Friends,
I LOVE THE MISSION! This time is so great. 
Like I showed in the picture one of the 12 apostles came to our mission. I learned so much from him. But before i tell you what I learned something the blew my mind, I wanted to tell you how my week went.
     WE had transfers today and I am going to stay with ELder Bobadilla, poor guy has to put up with me for 6 more weeks... ha   Also this week, well yesterday we found someone named Osmar... My companion being from mexico started talking to him about the best food in the world... which aparently is the mexican food... jaja and the guy started talking to us and was super excited about the topic of mexican food! hha after for sure we started talking bout hte gospel and he got even more excited! hah but I tell you this because Osmar after we taugh him everyhting we asked him to pray with us. In his pray he said ¨lord if i have to be baptized please make it know unto me... He hd so much faith in what his heavenly father wanted for him. How cn we be more like this? how can I follow Christ even when I don´t know what I should do... I just feel it... 
SO this man was really great and relly excitable( i´m not sure if that is a word) ja 
So I really wanted to tell you what I learned from ELder CHristofferson, He shared with us a scripture in Alma 7:7- 
For behold, I say unto you there be many things to come; and behold, there is one thing which is of more importance than them all for behold, the time is not far distant that the Redeemer liveth and cometh among his people.  then he said ¨again...¨ this really surprised me.
 He said the only thing that stops Christ from coming again is a righteous people to be able to recieve him. I know we are preparing for the second coming of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and I know that he guides his church with so much Love and care... HIs invitation is always ¨Arise and come forth unto me¨  
I want this to me my invitation tht we can really know that CHrist will come again and ask ourselves... AM I WHERE I SHOULD BE?
I know that Christ is our savious and that he loves us so much, and he wants all to come to him. I know he cares for me and carries me in the diffucult times. I know the Book of Mormon is true, My loving Hevenly Father really told me it was true. I also know that families can be together forever aand i can not wait for the day when I am with my family and loved ones( all of you) part of his kingdom.. I promise that as we prepare for this day that God will help us arrive there. I also promise that Christ brings peace... and that as we all come unto him we will feel this peace. 
I love you all SO MUCH I am going to keep preaching this great message to everyone!! 
Elder Troy Hicks

  Elder Christofferson!

 La familia Angel

Elder Damitz, before leaving the zone.

 Litoral Zone!

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