Monday, October 13, 2014

The Church is True!

The questions:

 1.My biggest concern right now is… will I be able to work when I get home, also my goal to baptize and how I will be able to baptize that many  people.  Another concern I have is in what subject will I major in. Or what will I for a living. I have thought a lot about that these past couple months. I have thought about a lot of things but I still don´t know. Also I think a lot about the Zone during the day and how we can help the missionaries in our zone to be able to preach all their lives and to be successful missionaries. One last concern that I have is that I truly want to love the people in Argentina, I want to serve them and finish strong my mission before it ends!! seeing that I still have a year left in the mission!

2.     My greatest joy is when I am teaching to other people and the moment when they understand something from the spirit, it is truly an experience to see when someone says: oh I finally understand what you are saying. And we explain that it is from the spirit.

3.    This week our zone could do a lot better. We are talking about how we can improve as a zone and as missionaries.
4.     Elder Bobadilla is so great he is such a great missionary and person. He reminds me a lot of a bunch of my best friends. Also, as we work he helps me a lot to be an even better missionary.  We are going to help a lot of people this transfer!
5.     And about the blood sausage it tastes just like ham… haha no it tastes a little weird but it is not bad. Ha
6.     About meet the mormons I heard a little bit about it the other day. The trailer looks great. 

This past week has been great. We are working a lot more with the members. And we are trying to help the ward to grow. This week we have passed by a lot of Less actives and found a bunch of families that we never knew. One family has not gone to the church for about 5 months and another family for about a year. I learned a lot when Our prophet talked about the rescue of the members who our less active and to be able to find people through them. Also we are working with another family named the A_____ family who are so great. They are recent converts and I love them so much. They can go to the temple in march. Yesterday the dad went with his 2 daughters ( ______ (9) and ______(6)) to church by themselves. The family consists of 9 children and 2 parents. But they walked by themselves. I loved to see the conviction of the two youngest daughters to go to church.
I truly love this area and the people here. This month we are going to try to find 4 people more to baptize through the many less actives that reside in the area!
I love the church and I know it is true. Also I know Christ is our Savior, if we do something wrong we must only get on our knees and repent and he will help us get through our trials!
Love you all so much. you are so important to me.
Elder Troy Hicks

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