Friday, October 17, 2014

Look, what we got!!!!

Dear Parents,
February 11, 2015 represents your missionary’s official release date.  In order to ensure proper travel plans, we need you to verify the following information:
1.       Parents’ names
2.       Home mailing address (home to which the missionary will return)
3.       Name of home ward
4.       Name of home stake
5.       Stake President´s Name
6.       Email address to which you would like the flight plans sent
7.       The closest airport
8.       Will your missionary need the Church to provide additional transportation from the airport to home?
Please reply to this email with this information as soon as possible.
We do not send this information to your missionary in order to help him/her stay focused on the work.
Thank you so much for your help.
 I have attached a page of information for picking up your missionary.  I look forward to meeting you – we love to meet the Arizona families (we´re from The Gila Valley)!


Hermana Lines
Misión Buenos Aires Norte

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