Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Elder Garcia

Dear friends and family,
These two weeks have literally been so great. We are working so hard here in Belgrano and we are trying to help so many people to come to church.
I´m not going to lie i love Belgrano! This place is literally one of the best places in the world. 
Last week Santo got baptized, His family is such a great family and his mom is supporting him so much but his dad really doesn´t want anything about the gospel, but he came to his sons baptism and during the baptism he started to cry. It was such a special moment in the lives of these people.  We are still trying to help them get married and to then be baptized. 
Today i saw a video of christ that really touched my heart, It was a mormon video named ¨Because of him¨ I´m not lying, when i wathced it I knew again that Jesus was the Christ and now I am even more excited to help others come unto him. It is so true that through him, we can all change and we can be even better! 
I am loving the missin so much and I am so excited to be here and to share with the people in Buenos Aires Argentina about who is Christ, why we should follow him and how we can do it!!! 
1, Elder guerra and me crying
2. Elder Garcia and I
3. Elder Campos, Elder Paricaha, Elder Guerra, and I
I'm not really sure if it should be Elder Guerra and I or Elder Guerra and ME =)

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