Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 7

Dear Family,
This week has been amazing, we had such a great conference, and i am ever so greatful for the messages that were given and shared. Mom, i am so glad that you are going to start reading Preach my gospel. Let me tell you if you can study that thing for a year and a month straight for an hour everyday you will still be able to learn more from it! Also Dad i am so glad and happy that you were able to think about how the missionaries have helped you. I know it came from the spirit what you are thinking and i hope you will be able to ¨do it now¨ like President Monson said we should listen to the subtle whisperings of the Spirit.
My week for me has been great and i have learned so much from conference. Something that really stuck out to me was the scripture helaman 5:12 they used the scripture a couple of times. and i learned that i need to preach more of Christ while on my mission. This time is an opportunity to bring others to Christ and not to someone or something else. 
Also something that i really loved is that Boyd K Packer said, He chose to be called Father. Referring to God. I love this and it makes me feel the true love of him and to know how perfect his plan really is. 
Also something that was so interesting is how the leaders of the church are so well in testifying of the basic things of the church. The book of mormon, prayer also, Baptism and the Holy Ghost, I think something that will help us have more success in preaching the gospel is if we know the basics very well! 
One more thing that stuck out to me is the follow up done by Elder M. Russell Ballard. Have you done your follow ups?
Well this week some thing that we have really been trying ot do is to help a family, that as of now is 9 years old boy and his mom knows that church is true and so does he. But, His father does not want them he gets baptized. (the family that i talked about last week did not go to the conference, but thats okay they will go this week) so we are trying to talk to the dad and to help him understand the blessings that it is. Right now he is slowly changing and has allowed for his son to be baptized. I know the spirit of God works in people and changes their minds to keep the work going. so this week we are hoping we can baptize him with the help of the ward!

Also Dad to answer your question about what i do for me freetime. For freetime in the night Elder Guerra and i usually talk. For sure i really love this Elder. His birthday is 2 days away from mine and he really has helped me become a better servant of Christ. 
Also what we do for fun is we try to look for people to share the gospel with! ja no but last week we went to some gardens and as a campanionship we took some pictures. The only day we have really is Preperation day and today we had to do so many things to catch up, but next week we are going to do something as a companionship that is going to be so great. Elder Guerra is such a great companion and i truly love him.
I love you all too, 
To end my email i only want to reapeat the words of Elder Holland ¨Pure Christ Love can change the Earth¨
the question is would you like to have this kind of Love?

I love you all so much and i pray for you also,
Mom and Dad I think of you often and i am so greatful for the roles that you have played in my life and i am so greatful we will be together for an eternity, anything less would just not cut it. 
Makenna drive careful and  i love you so much you are always in my heart,
and Brennan i love you so much and i am so glad you are my brother and you will always be my big brother!!
Elder Troy Hicks
Brother smith left the glasses in his home, hah it will be okay, the ones i have now will make it to the end.

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