Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31

Dear Friends,
This week has been so great, we have been working so hard with a family and we are trying so hard to bring souls to Christ!
I don´t have a lot of time to write but i want to send my Love to all of you. Also in the pictuers it myight look like i have gained weight.. but the camara always puts on 10 lbs. ha!) also the people here make you eat their food... haha just kidding.
This week has been so great in the belgrano. We have started teaching a family from Bolivia. We started visitng a recent converts home since the first week that we have been here and everytime we visit them we always try to invite her sister to come in during the visit and also we try to invite the husband or i shold say boyfriend of hers also to come into the visit to listen to a littl ebit of our message. So the other day they came into our vist and we asked both of them to go to church. and they said they would go! so we went to church with them. and it turns out that the man( his name is Jaime) and the woman( viviana) Loved Church.
After They went we visited their home( right next to them lives their sister and her friend named David, he is the one in the picture) and we started to teach them and we also invited mairsabel to come in and participate in the lesson. Once we were all seated, We asked hermano David if he could share his testimony (he is a member) and he started sharing his tesitmony with us about the book of mormon and he started to cry... in the beginging he was so happy because he could see that everyone around him was coming closer to the church and the gospel of Christ. Elder Barakat first started to visit them about 2 months back and David always wanted that Jaime and Marisabel and Viviana could all be present for the lesson s with them and now his dream was coming true! i felt the spirit so strong with them, they are such a great family. Yesterday Jaim also diecieded to take a picture with us and to put on his Facebook While they were taking the picutre i decided to put in the picture THE BOOK OF MORMON! hah so when he puts it on facebookeveryone can see the real reason why he is so happy! for the gospel of JEsus Christ!
I love the mission so much! I don´t think i have ever been so happy in my whole life like i was yesterday to see the change in this family like they changed yesterday. I love this gospel and I know ANYONE can change for the better in this gospel.
Love you all,

Elder Hicks

Mom, Real quick! 
this week i have learned so much. i have learned that the less you think about yourself the happier you are, also i learned that if we always stick to the basics of the gospel we are going to know how to share it with other people better. for example, Pray scripture study and going to church. If we always share about that the people are always going to remember it!! 
Today in p-day we study in the morning until 10 30 and then we start writing and then we buy some stuff and usually we try to do something fun like play soccer. Today we are going to visit some japenese gardens with our zone!! we are so excited! and then at 6 we start preaching agian so we can see all of our investigators... ANd then we come home at 9 and then we plan until 9 30, and then at 9 30 my district calls me and then i call the zone leaders. then i change my clothes and i say my preayers and write in my journal, and then we sleep at 10 30. Oh and during the mission i have only missed a couple day of writing in my journal! i love being obedient! the most important thing i think i have learned during my mission is that the spirit does not tell us everything we also need to use our own reason to be the best servants of God we can be!
Mom i also love you so much and i think about you often! more than you know!

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