Monday, March 17, 2014

Mar 17

Wow this week has been so great! I love preaching the gospel here in Belgrano. It really is amazing to live here and to be able to live in a bigger city. When I first got here I thought that the people would be different but yet again it was confirmed to me that every person has the same necesidad: the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Something funny is that we have talked English about every day here! So many people speak English here in the city and they are very smart people. 
Dad I would love to answer your questions!
1. My new companion is such a great Elder! He has so much love for the people and he is teaching me so much. As a trainer, something that is important that we do is teach the missionary that we are training the why. We teach them and tell them why we do the things we do and as a trainer it is of great importance to set him an example in everything. Obedience, how we teach, whom would we teach. What we should do. 
What is good, is that Elder Guerra has been out 6 weeks and Elder Barakat my old companion was training him before. Also each morning we study for an hour more out of the greatest guide ever... PREACH MY GOSPEL! I really love this guide; I know it came from God.
2. Everything that I have is holding up great, I will be able to start using my sleeping bag again when May comes it is still a little hot here, Also I will have to send you pictures next week to show you how my apartment is... I didn’t take any pictures of my apartment
3. The ward is amazing; it is the most established ward I have been in since I came to Argentina. We have many leaders in our ward, Elder Spellino, Elder ViƱas (I think they are from the first group of the 70. Also there are a couple people here who are in the Ward who are working for the church who are very smart. The other day we ate with a member who is from Chile, and we had to go up 18 floors to eat with him. And then he let us see his view from his patio and we could see part of Uruguay across a river!  This week we had ward council and it went so great, we still have not had an opportunity to meet with our ward mission leader but we are going to meet with him this Thursday! As a ward they have a list of people who usually go to the church, and each week if someone does not come they organize visits and they go and visit the people that did not come to the church. Also they have an activity this coming up Monday to go on a picnic and they want to invite us to come, if we bring investigators! 
4.Coming to a new area is great, I only have to learn a lot of things, in a little time, and it is really great how the lord has helped me so much. Right now as a district leader I am a district leader of pure Sister missionaries! That means I have to work even harder... because if I don’t they are going to start doing better than me... let me tell you sister missionaries are the best!! 
5. Also I did eat with the members this week and it went so great, Here in Belgrano we are not going to go hungry, we are eating a lot of good food also. Please keep praying for miracles! It is so important the work of the Lord in this work, without him we are nothing; I love you all so much. Please follow the spirit in everything you do. 
I love you so much! Make sure you tell Makenna hi!
Please tell Makenna that I love her so much and that no matter how far apart we are we will always be an eternal family. 

Elder Troy Hicks
some photos from the last week in Parque Avellaneda

 Elder pino-from chile elder miles from my district

On top of our last pension in Parque Avellaneda

papi me and son

In Belgrano

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