Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24

Dear Loved Ones,

        This week has been so great! we are working so hard with the ward! today we had an activity with them in the church and we invited a man named Salvador to come to the activty with us and to meet some members in the ward. Yesterday he went to church with us and we have been so excited to work with him. 
        Also yesterday i gave a testimony in church and i was able to invite all the members to do the missionary work. I talked about how much Joy we will feel if we are involved in the missionary work. The mission leader gave us an idea to tell the members to do that. Also the sister missionaries in our ward made invitations for the members and passed them out to the members to invite them to continue with missionary work in the area. I know that small and simple things lead to big things and even to the salvation of many souls!! I love this ward so much. It is so fun to serve here.
This ward is so great and i am so glad i can serve. 
Something to remember:

I love you all so much!! Keep smiling and God will always answer your prayers!

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