Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Belgrano/Elder Guerra

Dear Family,
This week has literally been so great. The week went by way to fast and my time with Elder Rodriguez has ended... I am really so sad. I really loved him so much. Practically my brother from Panama. Also I have been sent to Belgrano to Finish the training of an Elder named Elder Guerra. Elder Barakat was training him and he became zone leader so president sent me to start training him in Belgrano. He is such a great Elder And is from Oregon. I know we are going to have success. I am only a little sad for leaving Parque ave, this week Mildred and Carlos were going to get married and also our friend Jesus was going to be baptized. But really i am so ready to start working with Elder Guerra in this ward. It is such a great ward and i already love the people here. we just finished eating lunch with a counselor of the ward, and they already have a plan to have a campout in Pilar as a ward! I am so exicted to be working with them, i hope when i leave this ward will be able to have more experiences with the missionaries and we will be able to change it to work more with us as missionaries! 

I had my interview with president this week and also with his wife. I have made a promise that i will do all i can do to help this family to enter into the kingdom of God, i invite you also to follow through with your promises and your covenants and to have faith and hope that God will never do anything that is against the PLAN OF HAPPINESS. I know that we are a sealed family and that has much power. I love you all so much. More than you know. So so much i love you!!! see you soon and remember to always smile!!

ELder Hicks
I have to send pictures next week.. i took alot of pictures but i forgot my usb card.... sorry.. i love you all so oh also i wanted to tell you that right now i am in the capital of buenos aires. I f you look up Belgrano where i am you will see a lot of buildings... pretty cool right?
Love you so much

I wanted to write a little bit more about how this week went... 
About Jesus, he is a bolivian that lives with a member family named the Huanca Family. They all work in their home and they sew all day!!! From / in the moring until 10 at night ever day besides saturday and SUnday they sew and sew and sew.. it really surprises me. But this week we are teaching Jesus and when we pass by the house he stops sewing for a little bit to be able to listen to our message. This week he went to the church by himself and he bought a shirt and a tie to continue going. 
Also this week With Elder Rodriguez... i am going to miss him so much. He really was like a brother to me and i really loved him. He was such a hard worker. 
Also with carlos and Mildred their marriage is set and they are going to be married this thursday and he will be baptized on sunday. I am going ot ask Elder Rodriguez how it goes. 
Also this week we went to a farewell of the missionaries with a part member family named the family villamil.. i think i have told you about them before, sister villamil is a member and brother David villamil is not a member. well they went with us and while we were going to she told us that they were going ot get married and all we have to do is help hermano david pray about our message i am so excited for them...
Also this week we went to the home of Hermana Rosa... she was going to get baptized but she didnt come to church one sunday. so we went to her home and while we were there her son in law came and we started talking to him and while we were talking it turned out that he has read the book of mormon until 2 nephi 16!!! We gave a book of mormon about 3 weeks back and he kept reading it because he found peace as he was reading it.! I am so excited for them. 

Talking about all this success in Parque Ave makes me so happy! i hope we can do the same here in Belgrano!!! 
Love you so much!
ELder Hicks

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