Monday, January 6, 2014

Jan. 6

Querido Familia y Amigos,
LES Quiero Mucho! 
First of all, Happy Birthday Dad!!!! 
I am so greatful for your emails. I love reading each one mom thank you so much for your support and all your love. This week has been great. The new years here is crazy. Right at 12 midnight they start with fireworks and it sounds like a war. If you can imagine a finale of a firework show, it is like that finale but for 30 minutes straight! It is crazy and every person in Josè c. Paz had fireworks! It was a spectacular sight to see. Oh and today is the day of the 3 kings here so happy dia de los reyes, it is not that big of a holiday! The people have told me it is another excuse to eat food with your family. Ha
Also this week we worked with Noelia and she is so much more excited for her baptism. Her testimony of the church is growing so much. She reads the book of mormon every day and she went to church yesterday and she talked with the bishop about her baptism. After the appointment with the bishop she said she is going to have her baptism on the 17th of this month! We are all so excited and the ward is really helping her out! I literally love this ward and I don´t want to leave,

Also this week we had an activity in a branch that neighbors our ward. All of the elders in the stake went to one ward and we took the day and we visited less active members in this ward! It was such a great activity and we had a huge help from the members of the branch. This branch really has the vision of what is important. When I walked into the branch with my companion we met a kid named Jouquin. Joquin is a youth who goes to church by himself each week and his mom is less active. He is 18 years old. But he is one of the happiest kids I have ever met. I talked to him for a little bit and it amazed me. He was baptized at 12 years of age and is a result of what a ward can do when they help the youth keep progressing. I know our ward can change the lives of people if we show them our Love and if we include them in our ward family.

1. For New Years we had tacos with the bishop! 

2.the last name of Noelia is lazardo
3.Your question about Santa Claus and Christmas is a great question. i am not really sure how santa comes if they stay up all night.
4.Everything fits great! And my socks are fine and i have enough of everything.
5.Again, Happy Birthday Dad
6. Today we are going ot go bowling at 3.
7. The Class of Gospel Principles we teach each week, we switch off with other elders in our ward.
8. Dad truthfully you look great, i don´t think you have put on any weight!)

The sripture last week that i sent to you is very special. Doctrine and Convenants 105: 3-6. 
For me this scripture refers top the need to be united in every level of an organozation o fhte Lord. For example, we need to be united as a family befreo we can go help others be united. I need to be united with my companion. And if we are not united the Lord is going to discipline us unitl we figure out how ot be united. I know this church is true and i know that the only way to get back to the lord is to focus alll of our desires and force in the purpose of the lord. and then we will be united with the LOrd. 

The Lords purpose: Moses 1:39
Become one with his purpose and we will become one with the Lord and with God. 
Elder Hicks

P.S. tell makenna 

Makenna i love you so much and i am so glad you are able to date and for your day date don´t stress yourself out for it to be perfect. you will have fun if you decide to have fun.

Also brennan,

Brennan i love you so much and i am so glad you are working. Also are you dating anyone right now? i want to hear how you are doing.

Last of all,
Doctrine and convenants 88:67- I testify that this scripture is true. What an amazing promise,we will be filled with light. 
Love you all so much,
Elder Hicks

Dad, you look so great! i am so glad you had a great Birthday. I love you so much and i am so happy for you! Are you really 52 yeard old! You look a lot younger and you act like a big loving bear! i love you dad
Le quiero mucho y estoy muy agradecido que nosotros podemos estar en la misma Familia,
Le amo,
Elder Hicks
Familias son Eternas
siempre va a ser mi Papa! Eso me hace feliz! !9

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