Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec 30

Dear Family,                                                                                    Dec 30, 2013
1. The rest of my week has been great. We have continued working and we are trying hard to help others come unto Christ. Also if you want to know this week I had to do a particular service for Elder Campos.  He had some nose hairs that were growing a little long and I had to cut them for him. Fun... ha
2.On Christmas after the call we went and visited some investigators. The people in Argentina celebrate their Christmas on the 24th in the night and that is when we ate rice and meat... a lot of meat... ha
3.The investigators are doing great, Right now Noelia is working on her testimony. And is praying a lot to know if the church is true. She has a baptismal date scheduled for the 12th of January,
4.The People in Argentina celebrate their Christmas a little different than we do. They celebrate it like new years. First the night before, on the 24th they open the presents and in the night at 12 midnight they start partying and then they party all night with their family. They believe in Santa Claus but not that he comes over night like we do.
5. For the new years we are going to the bishop’s home again to eat with him and his family. I think we are gaining his trust. I really love this ward so much in José C. Paz and I really don’t want to leave
It is so good to hear about Blake and I loved seeing all of you on the camera. To me it seems that you are all doing so great.
First of all I want to tell you that I love all of you so much. And I am so glad we had the opportunity to talk and to converse about everything that is happening in the mission.
I still have not fulfilled the Christmas tradition I still haven’t had time to go to a place to take out the money.

Today we have played soccer so I don't have much more time to write you. But I love you all so much and this week I will try to take out the money to give it to someone. It is kind of hard to find time to go to a place to take out money we have to wait in a long line...

Today I studied about the obedience and about the 2000 stripling warriors, and I learned so much. It says with their exact obedience they were blessed and protected. Also if we are exactly obedient to what the prophets are asking us we also will be blessed and protected. It doesn’t mean we won’t be hurt, because the stripling warriors, all of them had wounds, but it means we will be protected from Satan his hurtful influences on us that if we are not careful…will not be able to overcome.. Be obedient this week. and I am so glad for your involvement in the missionary work of the Lord. All of you are much better examples to me on how to involve yourselves in helping people come unto Christ.
Much Love, Elder Hicks
See you all soon!

During this email I hope you could find some funny experiences and I hope I could answer all your questions. Sorry for not doing the challenge still...

P.S: I am gong to try to relax a little both Mom and Dad told me I needed to relax. haha maybe it’s a sign
I love you all so much (:

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