Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec 17~ Elder Campos

I am going to recieve aniother new missionary! i don´t know where he is from i am going to meet him at 3 today and i am so excited to meet him. I am going to miss ELder Paricahua so much. He really is like an Hijo for me... He is going to serve with an Elder in my Group named  Elder Williams who is from Mesa and he is going to serve in a place called Savio.
This week we have worked hard and Noelia went to CHurch! I am not sure if i have told you a lot about Noelia but she is a single Mom and is raising her Son (who is such a great kid by herself) she is also raising a baby. After she went to the church she told us, I really loved the church this week! WOW, it was so great to hear that!.
Noelia has a goal to know if the Book Of Mormon is true by the 31st and in that day she is going to choose a date to be baptized. We are trying really hard to help her to feel the spirit and to help her recognize the blessings of the gospel. 
ALso in the news, we are going to have snow here for Christmas!! ha no just kidding, but for Christmas we are going to go on the 24th to the office of the mission and we are going to be with all teh missionaries and also with the president.! and then on teh 25th i will be able to call you in skype, i have completely forgotten my passwword and username, i will try to create a new one on the day of.
Mom, thank you so much for telling me that i need to continue being obedient, it seems as i become more comfortable in the mission, it is a lot easier to be desobidient to each rule that we have. thank you mom!
Dad, you asked me if i am involved a lot in the process with ward counsel. i try my hardest to always bring a progress report to each meeting, and it goes pretty well, I think in general somethind that i need to improve is involing the members more in our work and to becine a tireless missionary when it comes to the small and simple things,
A scripture that is really helping me right now to do more of the small and simple things is found in Alma 37, 6-7 
through small and simple things are brought to pass big things and in many cases, the small things doth confound the wise, ANd the lord GOd works through samll means to bring to pass his great and eternal designs. 
I know this is true and it is helping me and my investigators to realize the importance of the small things everyday.
Love you all so much,
Elder Hicks

 Our district

 I received the Ensign!

The last goodbye to Elder Paricahua,

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