Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oct. 21

Our investigators are doing so great. Ramon and Abril went to Church this week and both of them have their baptism scheduled for the 3rd of Noviembre!
Today we are going to move and it is going to be just me and Elder Paricahua living together
Ill send you some pictures of the new pension next week.
This week we had a lot of success. We are working so hard and being super obedient. Or at least I know that I am trying my best. I have never felt like I have tried so hard to do something and still have so much more to do! Ha this work will never end. Something that is so great is that we have a schedule we have to follow and we also have rules. These things are such a blessing. Without these rules I would feel so lost. I never though when I was a kid that I would or could love rules so much.
This week I have learned so much, we had a meeting for trainers in San Fernando with president, also we have met a lot of new people in our ward.
I don't know if I have told you a lot about Ramon, He is about 70 years old and does not have a lot of things. He was a drunk and is very poor. We found him about 2 weeks ago, on the street, during divisions with our district leader. We started talking to him and he agreed we could pass by his house.
The first time we passed by his house he could not understand what we were talking about and could not remember anything because he drank that day. But something special happened during that first lesson for me. I asked him if I could say a prayer to start the lesson and he said yes...
During my Prayer I felt the Love of the Lord so strong for Ramon and I knew he was my brother I knew that the Lord and God wanted us there to be able to teach him. After 2 weeks of going to church he has stopped drinking and smoking and also the ward this week has agreed to help him out.
This next week I will have to send you a picture of me and him together. He is such a miracle and every day he has changed so much. He still does not remember things very well and we have to teach things a little different but I know in a couple of weeks he will be clean of all his sins and he will be able to enter the Celestial kingdom.
To do this work we have to be pure in heart, we have to start to look with spiritual eyes and once we can do this, the Lord will guide you to the people that he knows will accept this message. I hope this week as you are looking for missionary experiences you will look with your spiritual eyes.
Elder Hicks

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