Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reassignment update

The consulate was awesome, I wrote about it in a letter to you!! MOM!!!! I leave on Monday!! Guess where??
TO NORTH CAROLINA!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha so funny! I am going to Charlotte, North Carolina! I am so excited! I have seen Spencer here, a couple times actually! He is looking so good; I leave the MTC on Monday! Also I am not Zone leader anymore, ever since we got delayed at the MTC we have not been zone leaders they wanted to give the District below an opportunity to be leaders! But as I was one I would set up sacrament and make sure everybody was in bed on time and make sure we were in our rooms during quiet time!
But I am so excited to go to North Carolina!! I cannot wait to leave on Monday and be a full-blown missionary! Also I saw Elder Breinholt at the MTC! He had a Visa waiter companion who had to go to come to a meeting here at the MTC! It was so good to see him! Also I am about to send the thank you note. I have already written it.

And I hope that blanket gets here by Monday morning, we will see what happens!

This week has been crazy all of our Hermana's left to Sacramento and it has just been our 4 Elders in the MTC and we have been combined with another class who is going to Argentina.
Can you all write me your testimonies of the Plan of Salvation? I would love to here what you know about it.
Once I get all of yours I will bear my testimony of it also! But I do know that this church is true. The night our Hermana's left we gave them all priesthood blessings and I could feel the Lord's so strong for them! I received a personal witness that the priesthood is real and that the Lord Loves every single one of his children so much!

I hope you are excited I am going to Charlotte, North Carolina. I know their are people out there being prepared to hear of the Lord's Gospel, and I will pray to meet them and pray for them to come meet me! I can't believe they just opened Gecko Grill, What did you all order! Did you miss that place a lot? I look forward to receiving your testimonies of the Plan of Salvation.

I can't believe the Kitchen is not done! Mom you are so patient. Are you going to send me a picture of it? I bet it looks super good just like you do! Also thanks for all your help I think about you so often and I could not of been who I am without you!!

Hey no one has told me what they thought of Conference! I totally want to hear your awesome testimonies!! For me, it was like going to the super bowl but way better. When I leave I am going to try to give away a card or on the plane I am going to try to give away a book of Mormon! I love you so much and I can't wait to hear from you all! I hope you are doing well. I’ll tell you what happened in the airport next week. I am going to be a super Mature Missionary and I am representing Jesus Christ. I love this Church and I love this gospel.
Love you,
Elder Hicks!!
P.S Your next email from me will be from North Carolina!!!

MTC District

Spencer and Troy in the MTC

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  1. Yay for North Carolina! I can totally hear his voice telling you that the the kitchen must look "super good just like you do!" Such a Troy thing to say. He'll be great in NC, but I still hope that visa comes soon!