Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Weekend

Mom!!! I miss you. Dad! Miss you! Brennan I miss you! Makenna I miss you!!
I appreciate all the letters you are sending me! Every time I receive a letter or a dear elder I get so excited!
I am staying in the MTC another week! We are going to Salt Lake City on Tuesday to go do some thing’s for our Visa's and then we will be reassigned in the states probably next Thursday I will know where I will be in the States! Ha ha I am excited to serve! I can't wait to get out of here. Next week all the Hermana's in our district our leaving and in class it will only be all the Elders and me! Kind of weird...
This week we had an Elder lose a family friend who was like a Grandpa to him. He asked me for a Priesthood Blessing. After I put my hands on my head for him, I felt so much love for the Elder I gave the blessing to. I had an insight into how the Lord feels about every one of his children. What a blessing the priesthood is! We can feel the love of the Lord for others. Also Easter Weekend is probably the best weekend to be in the MTC! We had bishop Causse (the presiding bishop) speak to us, and also Sheri Dew! They were both amazing speakers! I have never loved the Savior so much in my life!
This week I have also focused on how to listen to the spirit and what it is telling us! I read Moroni 7:16 and it answered so many of my questions! You don't need to worry if it is the spirit telling you to do something! As long as everything you do is to bring others to Christ and is good, then it is of the Lord!! And then God will bring you to the place that you need to be. And most of the time you won't know how you got somewhere and did the right thing for each situation!
This week that is my goal. Do everything that is good and of the lord and I know I will have the spirit always with me guiding me in what I do and say!!!
I will still be in the MTC when I email you next week! But I love you!  You better tell me how General conference goes for you!
Also when I saw those pictures of Makenna's foot I almost threw up! I will miss that bunion... it was such a cute little thing. Haha I Love ya'll so much and can't wait to keep receiving letters! Also thanks for the bear hug dad!
Love you all so much!
Elder Hicks!
Sorry if I didn't answer all your questions from each letter Mom... today I am kind of in a hurry. I have to get to a haircut! Love you Mommy!

With Elder Randall

picture of my district

Me and Elder Means, an Elder in the new district, he has to go home this week because of a back problem.
the elders in my district!!!

 Elder Mortenson in the middle.. he is from Gilbert

                               me, Elder Clawson and Elder Anglade in the middle

       Our district! 

Sisters from left to right our Hermana Cardullo, Hermana Clonts, Hermana Sharp, Hermana Dando, Hermana Reid, and Hermana Cosby!!! 

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