Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29

Mom, thank you for these pictures! I love them so much! And thank you for the letter! it was so good i am going to apply that principle of thinking what topic to help my investigators more! I love you so much! 
Love Elder Hicks

Dad, I know you know I want to Skype! I want to see you all the time! Tell mom! I absolutely loved her letter! I am really trying to study effectively and I appreciate that she told me about Elder Hansen! I am trying to apply the principle of thinking about my situation and what scripture topic will help my investigators. Thanks for the lesson. I love you so much!
  For this week we had an amazing experience! So me and Elder Feruling Were on an exchange and we had the great opportunity to go find the elect (this means we were tracing) ha but finding is actually super fun! We were in a trailer park going house to house. We talked to a couple people but there was really no great success... on our way back to the car, because we had to go to a dinner, we saw a man outside of his house, and Elder Ferolino asked him if he wanted a pass along card. So we gave him a pass-along card and started talking to him about his life, then we asked him if we could give him a saviors peace and blessing (this is a tactic to give someone a blessing, and to invite the spirit into someone’s life, it is kind of like a prayer, but we bless the person' and their family according to what the spirit wants us to say. we usually do these blessing on our knees inside the persons home.) after we asked him he said we could pray for him but not come inside. So we started getting his family members names to bless them and asked him if he needed any specific blessing in his life. After we obtained the family members names he said that we could actually come inside. We went inside and then told him to focus on his feelings during the prayer. So we got on our knees and said the prayer. 
After the prayer he said he felt peaceful and calm during the prayer, and Elder Ferolino testified to him that it was the spirit that was testifying to him. Then the man told us that he was waiting for something while he was outside, He had a feeling that he needed to wait outside for something and know he received his answer. It was so cool! I know god is preparing people for us to teach and talk to in this mission! I love the mission.
Also Dad I love that story of Moses, whenever something good happens that is of god Satan will always try to bring you down after and then you need to and have to cry to the lord for help to get over it! It is not even funny how much I pray now. I need the lord more than ever. And with and through the lord I can do anything. I need to have more faith though; With Spanish it is sometimes hard to just start talking. I try to say things but I think they don't make sense but the lord always lets the people discern what I am saying! 
Oh also dad what happened with your missionary experience, didn't you invite that coworker to that ward activity?
I love you so much, and I hope all is going well! Tell Makenna and Brennan I love them! And I know that so much God loves them and they are his children!
Love you all,
Elder Hicks
See you all soon
Me eating some cereal I got in a package!! So Good.

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