Monday, April 22, 2013

1st week in NC

MOMMMY! This week has been awesome. Just so you know I am teaching in Spanish! And it is so fun every day my Spanish gets better and better!
For our ward it is a combined Spanish and English ward and our goal is to get enough Spanish members to have a branch by the end of the year. IT is amazing!  
 The other day we were planning and we decided to go to a less actives house from the roster. And we went over to her house. And her 3 little kid our outside. We asked her is your mommy home. And they said oh ya yes let me go get her. So the mom came outside and she said, "well I know who you guys are. I haven't seen anyone from the church in over 3 years" and then she invited us inside! So as we went inside she started talking about why she doesn't go to church anymore and many things about her life. To explain this woman she has made many tough decisions in her life and has married a couple of times and has 3 kids. They are 6, 8, and 9. Two of them are baptism age. Also this woman can only stand for a little bit before she has to sit down and a man lives with her, but the whole time he stays in one room and she said he only comes out to eat. It is a super tough life for her. So when we went in we wanted to talk to her and her kids about the importance and baptism and the restoration.  This lady has been teaching her kids the message of the LDS church since they have been born but since she wasn't able to move very much she hasn't or wanted to take them to church. We started teaching them and the kids knew many answer to the questions and of the lesson and by the end the 8 year old girl said, " I want to get baptized" with only mentioning baptism at the beginning of the lesson. It was so cool. Then all the other kids said they wanted to get baptized. It was an awesome experience! After the lesson though we passed them to the English missionaries but it was such a cool experience because I know the spirit was working through that little girl to want to be baptized. 
Also this week with Spanish, I am understanding little by little and I also taught in Spanish it was crazy because they are real people. And they speak so fast. While we were teaching my companion looked at me to teach a part of the plan of salvation and I had no idea what to say. So I just started talking and as I was talking Spanish words came into my mind and things to say came into my mind to say. I know the lord was qualifying my to do his work as his representative.
 I love this work! I can't wait to hear from you! I hope you feel good mom and I hope you are doing well! Tell the family I love them and really want to know if everything is going good for them! 
Elder Hicks
Picture taken as they are writing emails home to friends and family.

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