Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5

Dear Family,
Mom, I received my garments about 2 weeks ago, sorry for not telling you. And also preparation day for next week is on Monday so I will write you on Tuesday next week.
I can’t believe this week is the week we were sealed, I will especially remember all of the blessings that we have received on that day.
This week was defiantly the best week of the mission, and probably the 2nd hardest. To explain, last week after we wrote president, we were putting our goals in for the week and for one of our baptismal goal we only put 1. After we put the goals I started thinking about our baptismal goal and I just did not feel right about it. So I told elder barragan and we said a pray about our baptismal goal and we both received revelation that it should be 2. After this I was kind of confused and I was thinking about our options to baptize people. And we only had 1 person that we could baptize this week, and his baptism isn’t even a for sure baptism. 
After this during the week we started looking for people that we could baptize. So we started going to as many old investigators as we could to find some body that had had attended the church 3 times to baptize. In the end it was no luck by Thursday our baptism had fell through with Ariel and also we could not find anyone else to baptize... At this point I was thinking why would the lord give us revelation to baptize 2 people if no one could be baptized. 
So after this thought Elder Barragan and me said a prayer during weekly planning, and we asked who could we baptize. How can we baptize 2 people? And right after the prayer. We thought of Branco and Niels, the two kids that we are teaching. We thought that they will have 3 times at church by the end of this week. And we could set a baptism by Sunday night. 

After this we called the bishop and we set up the baptism, and we had two baptisms this weekend with Niels and Branco. I was able to baptize Branco and elder Barragan was able to Baptize Niels. It was literally the coolest experience in my life. 

Our zone leader called us this week once he figured out that we had 2 baptisms and said ¨elders I want you to understand something, once the lord sets a goal with you and you try your hardest, that goal will happen and you will be able to accomplish it. ¨ He was so proud of us. And I hope god was too.
I know that each week we set a goal we will be able to accomplish it, if we try our best and always call upon god for help.
This week our baptismal goal is 1, and we have one investigator, who is the brother day Branco and Niels that can be baptized on Saturday. We are going to try our best to make it happen. But for sure this week we are going to 1 baptism if we both try our best.

I love you all and I know that this church is true. We also went to Buenos Aires again today, if you know the Obilisk in the middle of Buenos Aires we went there and I have pictures. I can’t send them to you through this computer; I will send the card home. 
Dad and Mom I am so proud of your missionary work, and I love you all so much, Next week is transfers and I don’t think I will be with Elder Barragan anymore, we will see what happens, I know whatever the Lord asks me to do is possible with him. I love you all so much

I love you so much
Elder Hicks
Our baptism, from left to right, Selene, Nancy, Bruno, Niels, Me, Branco, And Elder Barrangan.

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  1. Elder Hicks looks great in white! What a happy day!